Web3 SaaS Platform Development: Building A Rapid, Reliable Web3 Saas App

By Web3 Solutions

May 15, 2023

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a highly popular approach among budding entrepreneurs and service providers. It helps to save time, effort, and cost from developing to maintaining a solution. Now, the platform has taken a step ahead and come up with the power of blockchain technology-backed web3 solutions, which is also regarded as Web3 Saas Platform development.

Unlike traditional centralized SaaS platforms, decentralized SaaS platforms offer numerous advantages, including enhanced security, reduced risk of data breaches, and greater user control over data. Moreover, whether it is retail, finance, marketing, healthcare, travel, or else, the web3 SaaS platform is a perfect fit for all your business needs.

If you want to build a web3 SaaS platform but don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place. In this article. Here we will discuss:

  • What is web3 SaaS platform Development?
  • Benefits of web3 saas for users and service providers
  • Various types of web3 Saas platforms
  • Web3 SaaS platform Development process
  • Cost estimation of web3 SaaS platform Development

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What is Web3 SaaS Platform Development?

Before understanding the web3 SaaS platform, let's know a bit about SaaS, or software as a service, as an alternative to the traditional software licensing business model. The approach allows developers to not sell their software license for a lifetime or wait for next year's update. But it's more like a subscription model where clients pay monthly annually or defined by company norms subscription to rent their software as a service.

Web3 SaaS platform development involves creating the same model but with enhanced security features and decentralized functionality. Web3 platform is built on decentralized web infrastructure and distributed ledger technologies like blockchain, where users can securely be shared and accessed across the web without the need for intermediaries or central authorities.

Benefits of Web3 SaaS Platform

Web3 SaaS platform offers a myriad of advantages to users. Some of these include;

  • Easy Accessibility
  • Instant And Regular Updates
  • High Scalability
  • Reliability
  • Data Ownership
  • Transparency
  • Personalized Surfing Experience
  • Efficient Searching
  • Uninterrupted Services
  • Fewer Intermediaries
  • Better Marketing
  • Streamlining financial services

Important Features Of Web3 Saas Platform

Web Saas Platform is packed with industry-leading features. These make convenient interactivity and connectivity with the platform.

  • The use of blockchain and crypto
  • Ubiquitous connectivity and IoT support
  • Foundations in semantic web infrastructure
  • Reliance on artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Decentralization
  • 3D and spatial-experienced UX
  • Supporting the metaverse
  • Redefined data ownership
  • Integration with edge computing infrastructure

These features can be amended as per your industry or business needs. You can reach our experts and understand which feature will suit your business needs.

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Various Types of Web3 SaaS Platforms

As the SaaS model is growing at a high pace, businesses are now looking forward to the web3 Saas model to handle their everyday app or website needs. Wondering what those businesses are? Here we have some business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-customer (B2C) models. Here we have some examples for you;

Examples of Web3 B2B SaaS Platform

In a B2B model, the SaaS business model is widely used. Below are the few types that successfully adopted this model.

Web3 ERP Systems

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, a cloud-based platform aiming to optimize and automate internal business processes. The complex software helps to handle inventory, accounting, HR and CRM, and many more business models. The feature of web3 enables businesses to create robust analytical reports, track logistics, and find sales projected and actual figures. Businesses can share these reports with anyone without fretting about security concerns.

Web3 Project Management Tools

You might be aware of project management tools like Jira, ProofHub, Eylean, Trello, or others. These are widely popular project management tools. Now these come with the ability to transfer funds in crypto and manage everything in blockchain technology.

Web3 Collaboration Tools

Communicate with your team using video conferencing and instant messaging tools with platforms like Google Workspace, Zoom, Flowdock, WebEx, and Slack that are embedded with metaverse-like technology. These web3 SaaS-based tools enable users to carry out every task using the uninterrupted services feature of the web3 platform.

Web3 Marketing Software

Web3 SaaS-based Marketing software plays an important role in driving clients to a business. It helps to increase online sales and brand awareness, allowing businesses to streamline their marketing efforts and track performance without worrying about regular updates or changing market trends.

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Examples of Web3 B2C SaaS Platform

Not only businesses but people around the world can also take advantage of web3 B2C SaaS platforms for leisure to educational purposes. Take a look at some of the examples;

Web3 Streaming Platform

Netflix is one of the widely used streaming platforms allowing users to watch movies, live shows, and other TV shows from their devices. But in the race for web3 streaming platforms like Audius, Emanate, Tamago, and others also entered. You can also build a Web3 Saas Streaming platform offering an exceptional experience to users.

Web3 E-learning Apps

A lot of online learning platforms also join the model to sell their services. You can also build an innovative subscription-based web3 elearning platform. The next-gen elearning platform offers extended functionality such as ad-free content, unlimited access to the platform, and mastery quizzes. Moreover, creators can enjoy lifetime access to their notes.

Web3 Gaming Platforms

Web3 SaaS-based gaming platforms are solutions for next-gen. The platform has the highest customer base, and you can attract gamers without spending on licensing and other charges. Paying a subscription can help you to generate millions just like others. Moreover, in-store NFT purchasing features enhance your customers' experience.

Web3 NFT Marketplace Development

Web3 SaaS-based NFT marketplace is also becoming a trendsetter. There are many web3 NFT marketplace projects in the queue of the best web3 development experts. Choosing it can let you enjoy low minting charges and higher ROI.

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Web3 SaaS Platform Development in Six Steps

Web3 SaaS software development has its peculiarities due to its cloud-based nature. When it's about building a platform, we follow six steps of development such as planning, a discovery phase, application design, architecture design, development and testing, and maintenance.

Step 1. Planning

Proper planning is the first step of successful Web3 Saas-Based platform development. For this, we conduct market research, study your target audience, define the aim of your platform development, and think about essential platform features. Our experienced BA team functions on it and provides you with the best solution for your entire project.

Step 2. Discovery Phase

The discovery phase is all about structuring your plans for the web3 saas platform and preparing a bunch of documents that help our development team to build your desired platform. During this phase, our BA team conducts several meetings to learn everything in detail about your project and to create documents for the same. We discuss;

  • Software requirements specification (SRS) to identify project objectives, user groups, the scope of work, etc.
  • Blockchain technology will suit your business requirements or transaction processing scenario.
  • Predicting risk enables you to find out the threats, opportunities, strengths, and weaknesses of the business.
  • We create a table that contains all the features implemented on the platform, along with their estimates.
  • A table also defines the cost of platform development.

The structure defines an optional development team required to build the project and under what cost.

Step 3. Platform Design

When it's about web or app design, you need to think about the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). Before building a platform, it is crucial to decide on the interface so it perfectly meets the needs of your target audience.

When thinking about your Web3 SaaS platform UI and UX, we keep in mind our target audience and cross-platform functionalities. Besides that, we focus on different resolutions so that your users can work conveniently in the office, at home, or on the go.

Step 4. Architecture Design

A good software architecture design is a foundation for the success of a platform. We ensure your B2B OR B2C platform must meet stakeholders’ technical requirements.

Web3 SaaS architecture is cloud-based, which means all your databases, storage, and services are located in the cloud, not on any physical servers. So, we craft cloud-based architecture solutions such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or alternatives that will suit your business requirements.

While deciding software storage, we focus on several reasons such as;

  • Flexibility
  • Scalability
  • Security
  • Pricing

Step 5. Development And Testing

Once the previous steps are clear and approved by clients, we go to build the web3 Saas platform. This step is clear and does not require much explanation. In this stage, our web3 developers work on the front-end and back-end development. At the same time, our QA team checks that each piece of functionality works properly under isolation and as part of one system condition.

Note: depending on your platform needs, our web3 Saas developers do not build in one shot. We craft low-cost MVP and enable some of its functions to work. Once features get tested and tried, we keep on adding based on clients' demands.

Step 6. App Maintenance And Further Development

Once your MVP is available to users, we start focusing on assessing its performance. During this step, our experts should gather user feedback, analyze their troubles, decide how it can be improved, and what new functionalities your users want to see. Our developers fix all the issues and create a future-ready platform for your users.

To know more details about your platform development, we have mentioned a few more details below.

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Things to Keep in Mind When Developing a Web3 SaaS Platform

Web3 SaaS platform is a complex and long-term process that requires lots of responsibilities. Here are important things that you need to concentrate on while developing a cloud platform.

Technology Stack

Layer 1 : BlokchciansLayer 2: Side ChainDevelopment StageFile StorageIndexing & QuryingOraclesClientIdentity

What are the Costs of Web3 Saas Platform Development?

The cost of Web3 Saas Platform development varies from business to business needs and project complexity. Ideally, its subscription can range between $5000 to $40000. Some of the other factors that affect its cost includes

  • Type of project
  • Tenant scenario- single or multiple
  • Platform features
  • Functionalities
  • Blockchain technology used
  • AI and machine learning cost
  • Smart contract development
  • Cryptocurrency and wallet cost
  • Other web3 technologies cost - libraries, frameworks, languages, and more
  • Development team
  • Per hour charges or monthly pack you choose
  • Quality UI and UX

Apart from these testing, integration services, and more, you need to see on the platform affecting platform development cost.

For accurate costing details, call our experts right away.

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