Web3 eLearning App Development: Transforming The Ways We Learn

By Web3 Solutions

March 20, 2023

We know that Web3 will alter our learning. Because web3 is a decentralized version of the internet. Decentralized exchanges, marketplaces, virtual currencies, gaming platforms, and countless other applications can be developed by web3 applications and communities using blockchain technology.

The blockchain is a decentralized global computing platform that fundamentally alters how business is conducted by allowing independent parties to communicate with one another in real-time securely. Although this technology has unforeseen applications, we focus on decentralized learning, skill verification, and the potential for fair, effort-based compensation.

Web3 e-learning app development has become essential to all educational endeavors. We can quickly design and implement a digital product to turn your concept into an efficient system. The Best Web3 Development team with extensive experience creates the following multi-functional apps:

  • Learning centers
  • Apps for mentoring
  • Online learning environments
  • Apps that track progress
  • Marketplaces for hiring private instructors
  • Consultative framework

Read this blog post for a thorough explanation of Web3 e-learning app development, platform features, and web3 development costs.

E-learning In Numbers

Some numbers illustrate how quickly the online learning market grew in 2022. This is the ideal time for web3 e-learning app development!

  • The market for virtual learning is anticipated to grow by 200% between 2020 and 2025.
  • Because of online learning, 42% of US organizations have seen an increase in revenue.
  • 90% of the nations adopted distance learning after the pandemic.
  • By 2026, the corporate online learning market is anticipated to grow by 15% and reach $50 billion.

Challenges In Education Today

Web3 can resolve the three main problems in today's education in Edtech. These consist of accreditation, affordability, and accessibility.


It is a significant issue in the educational system of today. Less than 7% of people worldwide have a college degree. Concerns about inclusion and equality among this population are also present. Universities are frequently in the spotlight to guarantee equal representation. Access to education is also restricted by the design of colleges and universities.


The location of many students is one of the biggest barriers to their academic success. There are a lot of K–12 schools in certain areas. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic's popularity of online university courses, many still call for in-person attendance from students. Considering national boundaries is crucial because some countries might be the only ones where online courses are offered.


Classes are currently offered in chronological order within the educational system. In the fall, spring, or summer, many classes begin. Students will have to wait if they miss a class. Some courses require students to stay enrolled for the entire 16-week semester to pass. Since many courses are taught in sets, skipping one will make the next take longer.


Being affordable is difficult under the current system. The amount of student debt has significantly increased due to rising education costs. Students find it difficult to launch their businesses and select the best course. Many jobs require reskilling and redefining education as a lifelong pursuit.


In the knowledge economy, it aids education and retards change. The Carnegie Unit must accredit courses that represent the total time spent in a classroom. This regularizes students' time in class to ensure proficiency.

Want to Create an E-Learning App That's Ahead of the Curve?

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How Will Web3 Revolutionize The Field Of Education?

With the help of contemporary technology like web3, it is possible to modernize education and how students learn by making it more accessible and affordable. By offering a variety of cutting-edge educational models that serve as models and guides for teachers and students, it can completely transform the way learning is done.

Learners can access knowledge from any location by addressing inaccessibility caused by time and location. Students can participate in any group to learn about any subject they are interested in with the decentralized educational model proposed by blockchain elearning app. By providing better data privacy and granting access to the underprivileged, Web3 fosters inclusivity among students.

Best E-learning Mobile Apps Examples

Coursera: One of the top online learning platforms, Coursera, provides users with educational materials worldwide. It's not surprising that Coursera's revenue increased by 59% to reach $293.5 million in 2020, given its diverse course selection, which includes courses in business, liberal arts, math, computer science, biology, and a variety of other subjects. Because the platform offers both a web application and a mobile version, a large audience can use it.

edX: A well-known online learning platform, edX offers courses from esteemed institutions like Oxford, Harvard, Columbia, and MIT. Business studies, computer science, engineering, psychology, linguistics, and statistics are just a few subjects on the platform. For courses taken on the platform, edX offers a certificate of completion, which users can use to identify their credentials. edX is a notable player in the sector, with daily access to high-quality educational content by over 500,000 users.

Duolingo: Language learning is the focus of the gamified e-learning program Duolingo. The app has become one of the most useful and captivating e-learning tools emphasizing gamification, which uses strategies like levels, goals, statistics, and awards. Due to this, Duolingo is listed in Google Play's "Editors' choice" category and has taken second place in the education category of the App Store. Duolingo is a must-take-into-account benchmark for anyone looking to launch successfully because of its cutting-edge approach to language learning.

Benefiting Components Of Web3 E-learning Apps

When creating a Web3 e-learning application, balancing cost and the target audience's interest is critical. To achieve this balance, our blockchain elearning app development experts include several crucial elements.

MVP features

You must have a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that displays the key functions of your offering and enables market testing. As your app grows, you can add more features to enhance the user experience and increase its marketability. The following features should be present in your MVP and early releases:

User Accounts

A straightforward registration and login process is essential to get users started. They should be able to set up an account, customize it, and access their learning records.

User Catalog

A detailed list of courses with descriptions, learning objectives, and other pertinent details should be available in your app's course catalog. Users should be able to filter courses according to their interests and skill levels.

Courses Delivery

A user-friendly interface that makes it simple for users to begin and finish courses is required. You should also include features like video lectures, tests, and interactive elements to keep users interested.

Progress Tracking

Users should be able to see their progress in a course, keep track of when they complete it and get performance feedback. This aids them in maintaining their motivation and progress toward their academic objectives.

Payment Integration

You'll need a system integrating with your course catalog to monetize your app. Users should be able to do this to buy courses and get invoices and receipts.

These features enable you to test the web3 marketplace development and gather user feedback while serving as a solid foundation for your MVP.

Web3 E-learning App Solutions For Business Models

Enabling web3 elearning app development, schools and colleges can present a more comprehensive picture of learning. Modern technology, like augmented reality, can offer a much more thorough learning perspective. The most recent blockchain elearning app development uses cutting-edge technology, like augmented reality and virtual reality, are being developed by our web3 e-learning app developers.

Educational Establishments

Our web3 app development offers on-demand instruction through video streaming, audio learning, and other capabilities. It has strong performance and a beautiful user interface.

Training Institutes

Colleges and other organizations use institutions of higher learning management systems to host training and programs over an LMS server that is easily accessible to distant students and to deliver and track online training activities.

Corporate Sector & Startups

With our web3 eLearning app development and app connections to integrate data from ERP and CRM, you can track fee payments, attendance, and performance in one place.

Want to Create an E-Learning App That's Ahead of the Curve?

Let our experts guide you with our Web3 development services.

Early Phases Of Web3 E-learning App Development

Let's now examine the process of developing an eLearning application. Organize our actions into phases.

Market Research

You cannot begin development without verification of your idea's originality and the future demand from a specific target market. It is essential to assess rivals in a different niche you have selected carefully, learn what they offer, and find out how customers feel about their offerings. SWOT analysis will be a useful web3 development tool in this situation. You can develop your future business strategy with the aid of this analysis.

Identifying The Intended Audience

This will aid in identifying your target market and potential app users. It is necessary to ascertain each person's primary needs, desires, age, and other details. This will make it easier to accurately compile a list of future features for implementation in the future.

Practice UI/UX design

The potential target market decides at this stage. For instance, a platform for kids' education should be colorful, entertaining, and simple in design. It is preferable to design an application for an elderly user with a calm color scheme and an easy-to-use interface. An overburdened design can cause stress and deter users.

MVP Attributes

A platform version called a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) has specific features that offer essential functionality. In other words, the bare minimum of features is required to satisfy the initial users' requirements. Due to its focus on the most crucial options, MVP has two main benefits: quicker consumer market entry and lower product development costs.

Monetization Strategy

According to the data, E-learning apps are among the top most lucrative forms of monetization. Among these websites, several of the most well-liked monetization models are present:

Course Payment

The mentioned name clarifies everything. Users can access any course after the payment process is completed. Most learning platforms operate in this way.


This is yet another popular model. The user must pay a certain fee to access the site's content.


Nonprofit projects most frequently employ it. Anyone who uses it for a future application should know that maintaining users' interest requires careful content handling. Including advertisements in your application is another way to earn money.

Web3 E-learning App Development Cost Estimation

A fully featured web3 e-learning app typically costs between $5000 and $200000 to develop.

Type Of Web3 E-Learning AppCost Estimation
Medium$50 k-$150k

To discuss the specifics of your project and get the project's final costs, contact our web3 experts.

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