Benefits of VR Training in Business: Revealing Your Success Secret

By Web3 Solutions

May 30, 2023

These days, high training costs, lack of technology knowledge, hiring industry experts beyond budgets, and more are the issues that most companies are facing and keeping their businesses away from achieving potential success. But these companies are forgetting that Virtual reality is no longer a gaming gizmo, especially when major industry players start using VR to train their employees. Businesses like Walmart, AST, Porsche, Boeing, Henkel, and Avacon are the names of a few leaders who took the initiative to train their employees with advanced technology. These companies also break the stereotypes of traditional means of training employees with proven stats.

  • 12% higher accuracy & 17% faster time for project completion. (Source)
  • 8.8% average increase in memory recall when comparing VR and desktop learning. (Source)
  • 82% of companies implementing AR/VR indicate that the benefits exceed expectations. (Source)
  • VR Learners are 275% more confident in applying skills after training.
  • 3.75x more emotionally connected to content than classroom learners.
  • VR learning is more cost-effective than e-learning or classroom learning.

Let’s dig deeper and learn about what VR training is before discussing the advantages of VR training in business.

Time To Transform Your Training With Virtual Reality

What Is Virtual Reality Training?

Virtual reality (VR) Training is a training program designed to implement the ability of VR technology. The VR training function is through VR-based software or application that contains valid content with the power of 3D, 6D, or 9D. Users can enjoy real-life-like experiences while operating the app through headset/goggles or accessories like controllers, additional sensors, and gloves. The use of computers/smartphones/other electronic gadgets functions as a connection between VR training gadgets and VR training apps.

Benefits of VR Training in Business

VR Training offers various benefits to leading businesses looking to promote their product and services and educate their employees and customers. Here we have listed a few VR training services.

Construct an Engaging Learning Experience

VR technology offers an immersive experience to engage students or learners for a longer duration with high-quality data and information. The technology provides a closer to a real-life picture of information; therefore, whether it's about learning Science innovations or learning how to craft strategies on the battlefield, everything is easy and risk-free.

More Practical Approach

The content and visuals of the VR applications offer a more practical approach than traditional black-and-white paper-based training. You can show pictures, videos. PPTs and other engaging content help employees recall things for a longer duration. As the information is in real life, like data, hence, it is convenient for learners to implement solutions in the field.

No Scope to Make Serious Mistakes

We all know every mistake leaves a lesson for learners to do things right away. But sometimes, these mistakes become costlier as physical harm is learned. But using VR-powered training, learners can make mistakes without the risk of harming anything. They can learn effective lessons with no scope to make serious mistakes ever.

Trial & Error - Boost Exploration

Following the rule of little improvement in productivity can pay higher dividends over time. Same lies here. Improvement from trial and error enables learners to explore more. Every time they make a mistake, it boosts their problem-solving skills and enables them to simplify tasks by polishing their skills.

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Encourage Learning Retention

Learning lessons from the traditional ways and having certificates does not imply that the person can handle every situation effectively, as certifications only define their theoretical knowledge to accomplish certain tasks, whereas learners get first-hand experience in the field only. But training with VR technology enables them to cope with the same issue and boost their learning and retention rate.

Do the Impossible

As there are lots of scenarios in which employees holding training with VR technology can seamlessly compare to workers who learned from traditional classes. The content information is designed in such a manner that enables employees to shift from “impossible” to “I am possible.”

Collaborative Learning

VR training in business enables various learners to learn together, irrespective of sitting in any corner of the world. They can join the session at the same time and share their thought process, issues, and more details during live training sessions.

Followed by Safety Norms

The training is followed by VR technology that involves a smartphone or computer, VR training applications, and an internet connection, which can be used from anywhere and anytime. So for the various training sessions such as manufacturing units, aviation, or more, there is no need to fret about safety concerns.

Full Swing Learning

Flexibility and affordability are the key features of VR training that allow learners to learn from their own space. They can practice sessions any number of times until they feel confident about gaining such skills. The platform also learns to check and measure their performance from the scorecard available in the app.

Lower Training Charge

If you think higher performance training is usually a big budget consuming, you might be wrong this time. As the high-rated performance this time could be in your budget. A highly customized platform designed to comply with customer-centric requirements is affordable indeed. It can be acquired at a fraction of the cost and can be utilized multiple times.

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Faster Training

VR is not limited by location, limited seats, and other factors that become barriers to instant physical training. However, it's the fastest approach to provide training when the employees are sitting in their own comfort zone.

Enhance Employee Performance

With Virtual Reality, students get to hand over the latest tools and technologies that enhance their performance in real life. If someone is unable to understand certain content, repeating the content over and over enables them to understand than creating monotonous learning like in traditional training.

Integrate Various Learning Styles

VR training allows trainers to introduce a number of styles for learners in the form of textual, auditory, and visual to enhance their learning experience. Introducing these styles enables learners to understand tasks in 30 minutes that may take 3-4 hours using traditional methods.

Which Businesses Can Benefit from VR training?

Almost every business, whether it is military, health care, tourism, or else can benefit from VR training. Here we have listed a few use cases of VR training in different industries and why.

Military: VR training benefits military officers in preparing soldiers for various situations on the battlefield. It enables them to make better and sound decisions.

Healthcare: Doctors, nurses, and other medical staff can get training to cure special diseases or illnesses without spending much time traveling. It enables them to provide immediate aid.

Tourism: Tourism can be promoted with VR technology as it enables travelers to take a tour of famous destinations before physical visits.

Retails: Businesses can sell products and services by offering valid VR training sessions on how to use those things. For instance, a special range of cosmetics can be sold by providing special training sessions to various retail stores and interested customers.

Sports: Players can learn new tactics to play games or understand competitors' strategies in an effective way before going on the field.

Construction: Construction companies can train employees on how to construct certain buildings and the consequences of not following the norms.

HR Training: Recruiters can learn new tactics of interviews, like what specific skills are required for certain tasks, etc.

Manufacturing: Conducting VR Training in manufacturing units helps employees to avoid task failures that can cause major harm to the business. Also, VR training enables workers to adopt and handle the latest technology flawlessly.

Aviation: it has never been easy for an Aviation center to start training with a real plane. VR technology enables learners to understand planes, features, and technologies effectively.

Customer Service Training: Customers can get first-hand information through VR training apps about new products or business policies.

Law Enforcement Training: Law institutes can start providing VR training for a better understanding of different crimes and how to apprehend criminals.

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How Much Does Virtual Reality Training Cost?

Virtual Reality Training cost involves the price of a smartphone, computer, headset, other devices, and VR application cost. The price of VR app development can range between $45000 to $123000 depending on the scope of the project and its complexity. Rest tech stacks such as programming language, frameworks, integration tools used to develop apps, manpower used such as technical expert team including project manager, business analyst team, designers, developers, testing and more that helps to accomplish projects. The cost of hiring all these reflects in the price of the application.

In addition to these, licensing fees for software used during development are another factor for cost calculation.

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How to Create a VR Training App for Your Enterprise?

Have you made up your mind to create your own immersive training program? If yes, then you need to create one thing that all your training experience revolves around. It is your VR training app. The app is packed with the latest features and functionalities to handle all your training needs. But this is not possible without coding experts who can design and build an app from scratch to cater to all your business needs.

You can hire us for all your VR training application requirements. We have proven experience and expertise in the industry to develop various industrial solutions. Working with 250+ experts and handling customers' requirements 24*7 showcases our dedication to the project.

We have also developed various gaming projects on Unreal and unity. Therefore we have a creative team to craft your app strategy to engage users for a longer duration. Call us to share your VR training app requirements now.