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April 11, 2023

Today, the demand for web3 streaming platforms is flourishing by leaps and bounds. The major factor influencing it is over the top content embedded with high quality. Besides that, the ease of using it anywhere and anytime is another motivating factor. Therefore, “Americans spend an average of 13 hours and 11 minutes a day using digital media,” and “78% of all U.S. households subscribe to at least one or more streaming services.”

As streaming services are available on a diverse set of devices, platforms, and technologies, still the security challenge is the biggest trouble for these web2 streaming platforms. This can only be coped with web3 streaming platforms. The new aged platforms provide greater accessibility of more secure tools for the users and creators to own, control, and monetize their data vs. dependency on 3rd party platforms.

Decentralized streaming platforms or Web3's streaming platform technology revolutionize the streaming industry with a vast array of new incentive models. If you want to build a Web3 Streaming Platform, you are at the right place. We have rich IT experience in building on-demand, white-label, and fully customized blockchain technology-backed solutions. We have the right set of upgraded web3 tools and technologies to build innovative platforms.

Let’s scroll down and understand web3 streaming platform development in detail.

Benefits of Using Web3 Streaming App Development Solutions

  • Platforms have complete control over data ownership as every piece of content is stored in tokens.
  • The interconnectivity aspect of web3 allows interoperability and seamless access to information. Users can access any type of information from any location with any device.
  • Web3 does not have any centralized authority controlling access of users as it builds up on the permissionless trait of blockchain.
  • Web3 would ensure decentralized control over the security of digital assets such as tokens and data.
  • Web3 streaming platforms are backed by blockchain technology, where every piece of information floats with the permission of Web3 smart contract coding.
  • Web3 video streaming applications can track the searching and browsing behavior of users. This helps the app to suggest relevant movies, shows, and other content to improve the user experience.
  • Admin can easily analyze the live viewers with the help of a graphical representation.
  • The multilingual feature can connect users irrespective of their language barrier.
  • Web3 streaming applications can recommend content according to geographical location.

Revolutionize The Streaming Industry With Our Web3 Solutions!

Web3 Streaming Platform Development Services

Web3 Music Streaming Platform

Web3 music streaming platform enables music creators to create an exclusive playlist and share it with their fans. It helps creators to reach a wider audience and can generate handsome rewards using cryptocurrency. 

Web3 Video Streaming Platform 

Web3 video Streaming Platform platform enables users to watch exclusive content of their favorite celebrities. Machine learning and Artificial intelligence-based search engines allow users to find relevant content with blockchain security. Producers can also earn financial prospects from the platform. 

Web3 OTT Streaming Platform 

You can stream content like movies, web series, TV serials, sports, and more on the platform. Users need to subscribe to your platform before watching exclusive content that allows them to receive money in the form of cryptocurrency. 

Web3 Podcast Streaming Platform 

Just like other web3 streaming platforms, Web3 Podcast Streaming Platform enables users to enjoy unique content in the form of conversation. They can find their role model, open conversation, and acquire knowledge about new topics. Users can also contribute by sharing their views on various subjects. 

Web3 Live Streaming Platform 

A decentralized platform enables users to watch live content and broadcast special events on any device. It helps to build real-time user engagement with reusable ability videos, art music, sports, events, or others.

The list of web3 platform development services does not end here. There are more in the queue. Some of them are mentioned below;

  • Web3 Movie Streaming App Development
  • Web3 Media Player App Development
  • Web3 Ecommerce Live Streaming App Development
  • Web3 Education & Training(VOD) Development
  • Web3 Video Conferencing App Development
  • Web3 Streaming Software Development
  • Web3 TV Streaming App Development
  • Web3 Short Video Streaming App

Various Web3 Video On Demand Platform Development Solutions

There is no need to go with a single web3 on-demand platform, especially when you have the option to build customized web3 streaming platforms that offer impeccable user experience and drive revenue.

Transactional Video-on-demand

The web3 streaming platform allows users to pay only for a particular section, meaning they don’t have to pay for a complete platform. For instance, if they want to watch TV serials, web services, movies, or sports events. They can buy a subscription plan of their choice.

Web3 Advertise Based Video-On-Demand

Web3 live streaming app where users can watch content free of charge instead of paying for videos. It helps to boost user engagement, which is especially useful for new brands who want to connect with more and more users.

Web3 Subscription Video-On-Demand

Subscription-based web Video-on-demand platforms allow users to watch their favorite shows by subscribing to the service for the entire month.

Web3 Near Video-On-Demand

Web3 Near videos on demand platform facilitate users to watch their favorite shows and pay per view. The platform creates recurring income for admin and motive to add a variety of high-quality and engaging content.

Web3 Push Video-On-Demand

The solution provides the freedom to download their favorite shows and watch them anytime later. All the downloaded data is easy to facilitate users.

Web3 Catch-Up TV

A blockchain technology-backed catch-up TV solution enables users to watch TV shows without fretting about advertisements.

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Web3 Streaming Platform Must-Have Features To Enhance The User Experience

Web3 streaming platform is incomplete without must-have features. These attributes provide ease of interacting with the platform. Here we have divided these features into 2 different panels. These are;

Admin Panel

  • Upload multiple videos
  • Prewatch video
  • Add Videos and albums
  • Delete Videos and albums
  • Edit Videos and albums
  • User Management
  • Create Ads
  • Manage Memberships
  • Push Notifications
  • Multiple payment gateways

User Panel

  • Create video playlist
  • Unlimited video streaming
  • Download videos
  • Like and share videos
  • Play videos in the background
  • Create users' profile
  • Multiple filters
  • Push Notifications
  • In-app purchase
  • Search videos
  • Search by artist name
  • Multiple payment features

Web3 Streaming Platform Development: We Focus On

Intuitive Design

For both Android and iOS devices, we create an intuitive web3 streaming platform design that makes the platform easy to use for every age customer.

Social Media Integration

We ensure your risers can connect with web3 social media platforms to share updates with friends for new web series or other favorite content.

Various Categories

You can add hundreds of categories on the platform and help users to find and watch their favorite videos.

Advanced Settings

The feature enables users to change their app settings according to their preferences and usage.

Quick Registration

One tape registration process feature enables users to start and complete the sign-in without much hassle.

Crypto wallet

Users can pay on the platform using a crypto wallet. You can design your own wallet or choose a readymade web3 crypto wallet development service.

Push Notifications

Push notifications inform users about what is new on the platform. They can get a notification for the latest shows, videos, latest deals, discounts, and much more!

Download Videos

Allow your users to download favorite videos and watch later content anytime and anywhere.

Promo codes, Deals, and Discounts

If you are planning for an advertisement-based or transactional video streaming platform that offers exclusive discounts to engage more users, give your users an exclusive offer using this feature.


Web3 streaming platforms are backed by blockchain security. Therefore every detail shared on the platform, whether by users or content creators, is secured.

Prime Memberships

You can also offer two types of memberships: basic and prime, to offer additional benefits and services to your users.

Web3 Streaming App Development Models

We support an array of web3 streaming platform development services. Some of these include;

  • Web3 streaming platform consultancy services
  • Web3 Platform Development Strategy
  • Migrating Existing Apps into Web3 Streaming Platform
  • Designing a web3 based streaming Solution
  • Delivering Real-Time Experiences with a web3 Live Streaming App
  • Promoting, learning with Web3 Education and Training Videos
  • Marketing With eCommerce Video Apps
  • Improving Web3 Video Conferencing with Custom App Add-Ons
  • Providing Web3 Streaming App Support and Maintenance
  • Web3 Streaming platform third-party app integration services

We support all services from designing to development and maintenance that keep your business ahead of the pack.

Check out our experts for more details.

Monetization of Web3 Video/Audio Streaming Apps

A sound revenue-generating strategy can let you enjoy business in full swing. So, here we have mentioned a few for you;


The most popular way to unlock hidden content on the platform is by spending a specific amount of money. The type of content is generally more interesting and unique than normal content.

Paid In-app Purchases

You can allow your viewers to watch and earn more bonus points on the platform. They can credit these points at the NFT marketplace to purchase something or to extend your subscription plan.

Ads-Revenue Model

Promotional ads are a great source of generating income from the platform. You can get sponsorship from companies and can enjoy a handsome income from the platform.


Donation models provide ease for fans to promote their favorite creators' works with a valuable and unique combination. It also encourages creators to make some worth from non-profit generating content.

Steps To Build Web3 Streaming App

The first step to building a web3 streaming platform is to find an idea from competitors and check out where they lack. You can check out their interface, features, functionalities, revenue model, and target audience and offer a unique model as per their desires. Once you are done with all these, here are some key steps for building a web3 streaming platform.

  • Idea creation
  • Requirement Collection & Analysis
  • Shortlisting of features & functionalities
  • Select blockchain technology
  • Develop a plan with dedicated developers & designers
  • Wireframing your idea
  • App Design & Development
  • Test & launch the web3 streaming platform with experts

Transform Your Streaming Service into a Web3 Success Story!

Technology Stack For Developing A Web3 Streaming Application

Web3 Stack includes components like development frameworks, web3 programming languages, and technical infrastructure. While building a decentralized web3 streaming platform, developers focus on six essential components;

Blockchain Technology: Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche, Polygon, Cosmos, Polkadot, and Fantom

Smart Contracts Development: Clarity, Arkadiko, CityCoins, Gamma,

Testing Frameworks: Rinkeby, Kovan, and Ropsten

User Identity Management: MetaMask, Rainbow, MyEtherWallet, Hiro Wallet, Boom Wallet, and Xverse Wallet

Web3 Libraries: web3.js, ethers.js, and web3.py.

Programming Languages: Python, JavaScript, and Rust

API: Moralis, Covalent, The Graph, Quicknode, Alchemy, Bitquery, and Biconomy

Wallets: MetaMask (for the ready-made wallet) or create your own ETH address/wallet in either JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Go, or PHP.

Cloud Storage: Filecoin, Siacon, Storj

Web3 Streaming Platform Development Company: How We Can Help You

We have some of the best blockchain technology developers having expertise in both iOS and Android web streaming platforms. From design to development, we can help the way you want!

Time to build with us and enjoy the power of web3 while getting ideas from existing video streaming platforms.

  • Web3 Video Streaming App like YouTube
  • Web3 Video Streaming Apps like Vimeo
  • Web3 Video Streaming Apps like Netflix
  • Web3 E-commerce Live Streaming Development
  • Web3 Live Streaming Apps like Amazon
  • Web3 TV Streaming Apps
  • Web3 VOD App Development
  • Video Streaming Apps like Apple TV
  • Web3 Video Streaming Apps like Hotstar

More reasons to choose us;

Our web3 platform development services include;

  • Customized Web3 Platform Development
  • Smart Contract Development
  • Migration Services
  • Integration Services
  • Token Development
  • NFT marketplace development
  • Blockchain Technology Consultancy

We offer;

  • 24*7 customer support
  • 250+ blockchain developers
  • On-time project delivery
  • Multi-currency support
  • Ongoing Support & Updates


How Long Does It Take To Build A Web3 Video Streaming Platform?

Usually, building a web3 streaming app and the website takes 5-6 months. But if you want advanced features, it can take more time. The time completely depends on the features and functionalities of the platform.

How does Web3 Live Streaming Work?

To use the web3 streaming app, users need a device such as a smartphone or a computer. Rest, register on the platform, pay a subscription platform, and start using the platform.

What is the difference between web3 video streaming and web3 live streaming platforms?

There is a conceptual difference between web3 video streaming and web3 live streaming platforms. web3 video streaming apps mean users can access recorded videos with the help of the internet. Whereas with web3 live streaming, there is no need to download videos; users can watch live content.

Which platform should I focus on for web3 video streaming platform development?

According to experts from a Web3 Streaming Platform Development Company, you can focus on any platform that your audience uses. But there are two major platforms that you cannot ignore: Android and iOS. If you are targeting a US audience, it will be an excellent idea to go with iOS app development or apps like Apple TV.