Digital Assets Marketplace Development - Build Tokenization Platform

By Web3 Solutions

May 18, 2023

Digital assets, another name for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) marketplace, emerged as popular and innovative names in the digital world. Designed with the potential to transform the art industry and secure creators' rights, the platform spread its roots into various other industries such as gaming, real estate, art, sports, music, and more. These platforms allow users to buy, sell or exchange assets using cryptocurrency.

Building a digital assets marketplace platform with the power of blockchain technology means staying away from the shortcomings of centralized systems. Moreover, the platform makes users more powerful with the permissionless and trustless solution. This is the reason every year, more players are entering the NFT marketplace world with innovative solutions.

If you are also looking for digital assets marketplace development, Best Web3 Development is the perfect approach for you. We design and develop customized platforms with cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art features. We are ready to develop your business success journey with our experienced and blockchain-dedicated developers.

Let’s scroll down and learn all about developing digital assets marketplace. Before that, just check out these stats defining the growth of the NFT marketplace.

  • From the base market size in 2021, $17.7 billion, it is projected to reach $125.6 billion in 2027.
  • There has been a sale of $15.2 million in the NFT art segment as of April 2023
  • Each month, 250,000 users trade NFTs on the OpenSea platform.
  • 10,000 wallets interact with NFTs on any given day as of 2023

Build An Innovative Features Packed Digital Assets Marketplace With Experts.

We craft advanced attributed-backed platform offering for all your user's needs.

Digital Assets Marketplace Development For Various Business Needs

We make digital assets marketplace for various industries. Some of these include;

  • Digital Assets Marketplace For Gaming
  • Digital Assets Marketplace For Fashion
  • Digital Assets Marketplace For Real Estate
  • Digital Assets Marketplace For Travel & Tourism
  • Digital Assets Marketplace For Art
  • Digital Assets Marketplace For Music
  • Digital Assets Marketplace For Aggregators
  • Digital Assets Marketplace For Sports

If your industry is not listed below, share words with our technical experts. We are ready to add and define all the requirements of your industry digital marketplace solution.

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Our Digital Assets Marketplace for Diverse platforms

Digital asset management platforms can be crafted for various devices to target customers on their beloved platforms.

Mobile App

We develop customized digital assets marketplace mobile apps for the ease of customers. Users can choose any platform, such as Android or iOS, to attract an audience anytime and anywhere.

Web Portal

Professionals can use our designed web portals to buy and sell digital assets. They enjoy access to assets, cryptocurrency, paying charges, and more.


Our designed digital assets marketplace solution functions effectively on Windows and other devices.

Must-Have Features of Digital Assets Marketplace

Below we have listed indispensable features of the digital asset marketplace;

Crypto Wallet

Digital Wallet or Web3 crypto wallet enables users to buy, sell or trade digital assets. You can customize your own crypto wallet or look for ready-to-use wallets such as Bitcoin, coindesk, metamask, and more.

Analyze Performance Analytics

The advanced digital marketplace comes with robust performance analytics that defines the number of visitors, peak hours to land on the platform, what type of digital assets they look for, their category, and more details. It helps businesses to craft strategies for business growth.

Visually Appealing Storefront

An attractive storefront is a prominent feature of the digital assets marketplace. This is also a creation to make decisions regarding staying or leaving your platform. While searching on the platform, users look for convenience as an important factor in choosing the desired asset. So, do not miss it anyway!

Advanced Filters and Search Options

It enables users to reach the last items in a few seconds and then scroll for an hour. Using these filters, users can categorize the items based on gaming, arts, music, videos, and other categories.

NFT Tracking Features

NFT tracking features are designed to track the user's location. Admin can find who is visiting and for what. Also, tracking defines digital assets' previous status, like the number of users who acquired the assets, including price and volume.

Listing Options for Multiple Assets

Listing helps creators to add multiple products to the platform. They can list their unique creation under the same head or differently. Your platform provides complete control of the same.

Buy/Sell and Bid Options

Buy/Sell, and bid options enable users to make successful transactions on the platform. The option to place bids attracts more users and helps sellers to get an amount higher than the base price.

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Monetization Strategy for Digital Assets Marketplace

Businesses can generate income from the platform in many forms to cover blockchain and platform management costs. We have highlighted some of the proven strategies for your business.

Transaction Fee

Transaction charges are levied on every successful transaction on the platform. Generally, major platforms charge 1-2.5% fees of the total transaction amount for completing every transaction. You can develop your business strategy to charge money.

Auction Charges

These can be paid by the buyer and seller. Buyers will pay the amount they participate in specific auctions as a paid entry. In contrast, sellers will make the payment to organize digital assets auctions on the platform. Some sellers auction more than one asset on the platform. For them, the auction varies as sometimes the admin gives them huge discounts.

Commission On Sale

Platforms like opensea charge commission on every secondary sale of the items. Fees are determined by the marketplace at the time a listing or an offer is created. You can also develop a similar business strategy.

Listing Charges

These charges are paid by creators to list their assets on the platform. Admin charges the amount to provide special space on the platform.


Advertisement is a major source of income for business. They can generate money to promote creators' creations on the home page. The app also fluctuates on the main screen.

These are only a few models to generate income. You can build your own along with these to enjoy business success in terms of numbers and revenue.

Start Your Dream Platform Now Using High-Tech Technology

Digital Assets Marketplace Development Roadmap

We follow 6 steps of a simple and clear platform development strategy to make your platform.

Planning & Consultancy

We help our clients to identify the potential of the digital assets marketplace. We do market research, assess project needs, customer expectations, competitors' strategies, and more that help you to build an industry-leading platform. We also craft revenue-generating strategies that suit your customer's needs.

Visual And Technical Design

Once you are clear about what you need, it's time to create a prototype of your platform. We create a clear strategy defining the seamless user experience. We create a prototype of your platform that includes technical component definition, user stories, and platform database design. On the client's approval, we proceed with the development stage. Otherwise, our prototype goes for updates as per your requirements.


Moving from design to development, our expert team functions to build your industry-specific platform. The stage involves everything that is set for designing and implementing functionalities to achieve higher ROI on your platform. Our scalable solution enables clients to accelerate their business strategies.


The next crucial stage for the digital assets marketplace development is its testing. It is said

to be crucial as it directly affects users' experience while scrolling or making transactions on your platform. Therefore we have an experienced QA team and upgraded testing tools to conduct multi-level testing. We find and remove all the glitches, errors, and bugs from your platform before deployment.


Our deployment team functions on four stages of deployment; these include backend deployment, frontend deployment, blockchain network configuration, and validating the nodes. We also perform pre-launch testing of smart contracts to check functionality and accuracy levels.


On customer demand, we also provide operational support that keeps zero downtime and boosts your platform functionality and security. We have a passionate industry team that offers uninterrupted services for your platform.

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Tech Stack Used for Digital Assets Marketplace Development

The digital asset marketplace platform is packed with various tools, frameworks, and libraries. These are used from designing the front end to developing the back end of your platform. For security, top-notch blockchain technology security is considered.

Below we have curated a list of tech stacks used to build your digital assets marketplace.

Programming Languages

  • Solidity
  • JavaScript/TypeScript
  • Python
  • Go

Front-end Frameworks

  • React
  • Angular
  • Vue

Blockchain Technology for Digital Assets Marketplace

  • Ethereum
  • Corda
  • BNB
  • Astar
  • Hyperledger
  • Avalanche
  • Polygon
  • Solana
  • Cross-chain

Digital Assets Marketplace Token Standards

  • ERC-721
  • ERC- 1155
  • ERC-998
  • TRC-721

Smart Contract Integration

The digital assets marketplace deploys smart contracts to enable transaction processing only if the buyer is able to fulfill certain conditions. In other words, these are the codes that execute an agreement outside the chain.

Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet

The crypto wallet provides users with digital solutions to store and manage blockchain-backed digital assets securely. These wallets enable users to send, receive or trade digital assets. On the same side, adding multi-currency wallets like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin enable users to choose their desired cryptocurrency.

Types of crypto wallet

Cold Wallet: Hardware & Paper wallet

Hot Wallet: Desktop wallet, Mobile Wallet, Web Wallet

Enable Secured Buying & Selling Of Digital Assets With Next Gen Solution.

Cost For Digital Assets Marketplace Development

Deciding your development pattern is one of the crucial factors that define your digital assets marketplace cost. Development patterns involve two types - building using ready-made solutions or developing from scratch.

Developing a platform using a ready-made solution can range between $5000 to $35000. Whereas building from the ground can cost between $25000-$135000. These are just the estimation, not the final price. As the final cost depends on many other factors, too, such as;

  • Features
  • Functionalities
  • Tech stacks used
  • Blockchain technology
  • Development Team
  • Integration services
  • Project complexity
  • Type & size
  • Cross-platform Compatibility

To understand your platform development cost more accurately, call our experts right away!!

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Build With Best Web3 Development. Why??

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