Web3 Wallet Development: Explaining Steps, Cost, Features & More

By Web3 Solutions

February 16, 2023

Web3 is all set to dominate the tech world. This version of the internet has already bewitched the users. This particular advancement in technology has captivated a lot of attention due to its ultimate features. The most significant thing is the ultimate level of security it provides. Web3 has great functionalities, and today's GenZ looks forward to this mesmerizing technology. It is surely going to pick up the pace in the near future.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies are synonymous with each other. As they deal with digital assets, reliability and credibility remain the top factors. Web3’s application is seen in various domains, and crypto wallet is one among them. Web3 wallet development involves building an application useful for transferring NFTs and cryptocurrencies in the desirable Web3 environment.

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Web3 Wallet: The Basic Understanding

This is a digital wallet that is used to store assets. Here, the storage and the transaction take place in a highly secure environment and helps the users to develop an interaction with the decentralized applications.

More specifically, web3 wallets are non-custodial wallets where the assets are stored without help from the intermediaries. Web3 is about removing the unnecessary third parties that are the main causes of a data breach. Due to this, there are no more requirements for the standards like KYC (know your customer) and AML (Anti-money laundering).

Categorically, complete ownership is provided to the wallet owner, and the developed web3 wallet is the identification that develops interaction with the dApps.

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Why Is There A Need For Web3 Wallet Development?

There is a direct connection between the crypto world and the web3 wallet. This ensures a smooth communication between the wallets and the dApps operating on different blockchain platforms and is equipped with a user-friendly interface.

This web3 wallet is available on the browser extension and the mobile application (including android and iOS). This ensures flawless sending, receiving, swapping, and buying of the tokens instantly. It includes functionalities like login, token wallet, password, and token exchange for secure asset management.

Security is the essence of the web3 wallets as they generate the necessary keys and login passwords in the decentralized ecosystem. The principal reason behind web3 wallet development is the power given to the users as it's up to them what they want to share and keep private. It’s a win-win situation for the users as they get to do what they want without any compulsion.

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Web3 Wallet Development Process

Product Ideation And Analysis

The first thing that requires the focus is to see what product needs to be developed. One should have a clear understanding of the business idea. Weigh the pros and cons accordingly, whether the project will succeed. With focused analysis, identify the target audience and check what is in demand and what could be in the upcoming trends.

All the fundamentals should be considered if you want to develop a robust and scalable web3 wallet. The product you have visualized in your mind should be authentic and must solve the user's problems under every circumstance. Properly analyze things and finalize the requirements.

Advance Market Research

Market research is crucial and should be performed by keeping the customers' needs in mind. Take as much time as you can, as the top priority is given to the customers. At this particular stage, the customer’s behavior is blended with the economic trends, and the result obtained is magical.

It’s necessary to get answers to these questions;

  • How will it provide a solution from a business perspective?
  • What is the location where the product will be developed/launched?
  • What is the economic range and the age bracket of people?
  • How many people living at the site are tech-friendly?

These are some of the major questions that need to be answered with useful facts and figures.

UI/UX Design

After figuring out everything, it’s great to move towards the actual development phase. The web3 crypto wallet development involves the front end and the back end. The front end corresponds to the outer look of the applications, which should be attractive. The icons, images, graphics and texts should be designed in a way that beholds the users' attention. Also, the user interface should be intuitive.

On the other hand, the backend involves technical coding and saving the essential data on the databases for smooth management. The users should feel comfortable using or navigating through the app. It should not be a task for them to use the application.

Choosing Web3 Wallet Development Company

These steps mentioned above might look intimidating, but the Best Web3 Development can solve your problems and provide you with the necessary solutions to take your project towards success. With the assistance of its dedicated team members, you can add stupendous attributes to your web3 wallet to get optimized ROI.

Feature Integration

These are the vitals of the web3 wallet. There are a multitude of features that need to be incorporated into the application. Keep in mind the features need to be unique; some of them that are not available in the already existing ones. Also, these should be integrated to make things simpler for the user.

Testing And Launching

The developed product is then subjected to a series of tests. This ensures that the developed product is free from bugs and errors. The bug-free application makes the application durable and enhances its performance. Moreover, it also reduces the development cost, which is just like the cherry on the cake. Any form of inefficiency or gap that can sabotage the application's working is removed during the testing process.

After successful testing, the product is launched in the market and is open to people’s opinions. The feedback is taken positively, and if any issues occur, our development team fixes that.

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Alluring Features Of Web3 Wallet Offered By Us

Web3 wallets are built with extensive features that grab the attention of customers. So, businesses should decide which features to opt out of. A few of them are enlisted below;

Multi-Factor Authentication

Our developed web3 wallet is made with a multi-factor authentication system that allows the users to acquire access to the developed app on multiple verifications systems. This is done to promote the security of the highest grade and maintain a robust identity access management system.

Data Backup

Digital wallets are susceptible to massive cyber attacks such as hacking, social engineering, phishing, and data breaches. So, it's necessary to develop a backup feature that stores all the data in case of failure.

Multi-Lingual Interface

We build an app that supports multiple languages. This is done to encompass a wide variety of audiences. The languages cover almost every region on the globe. The multilingual interface's benefit omits the user's confusion while navigating the web3 wallet application.

Multi-Chain Support

There are a myriad of blockchain networks and platforms available. Therefore, a web3 wallet that is compatible with all of them should be developed. The one that allows the transaction of assets on different platforms is known as multi-chain support.

Automatic Logout

Security is the basic requirement of the web3 wallet. Sometimes, the application remains open on the mobile phone or the desktop; in that case, this automatic logout feature comes to the rescue. When the app remains unattended for a specific period of time, then it gets logged off.

Multi-Currency Support

There are countless currencies available globally. Be it pounds, dollars, yen, yuan, krona etc. Making a dedicated platform for each one of them is a daunting task. So, our web3 wallet is dedicated to accustoming all the possible currencies in a single platform to make things convenient.

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Benefits Of Web3 Wallet Development

Our experienced developers know that the web3 wallet is our key asset to the web3 world. Some of the perks of using web3 wallets are:

Simple To Use

Web3 wallets are simple to use because they are simple to set up, even for those unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies. Anyone can set up a web3 wallet and begin conducting transactions in a few simple steps. With web3, users may quickly check their wallet balances and send and receive assets immediately.


Another important perk of utilizing a web3 wallet is user anonymity. A web3 wallet address, a combination of digits and letters where cryptocurrencies can be sent to and from, is all you need to interact with any web3 platform. While using web3 apps, the wallet address also acts as an identity.


Users are accountable for safeguarding assets. Users are encouraged not to share their private keys with anyone because Web3 wallets offer the highest level of protection, and even wallet developers cannot access the wallet.


Users have complete control over their wallets; as they hold the private keys, any items inside the wallet are theirs. Users using Web3 wallets can send their assets to whomever they want, whenever they want. Because no one has control over the network, there is no restriction.

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Web3 Wallet Development Cost

The web3 wallet development cost depends on various factors. There are various aspects, just as design, complexity, wallet integration services, features, tech stacks, etc

Let’s understand them in detail;

As Per Web3 Wallet Integration Services

Web3 Wallet API integration$20,000-$80,000
Cryptocurrency Wallet$355,000-$150,000
Data Integration$10,000-$40,000
Tools Integration$2000–$15,000
DeFi Integration$15000-$110000

As Per Web3 Wallet Development Process

Development ProcessCost
Research & Analysis15%
QA Testing30%
Deployment & Launch25%

As Per Geographical Location

Location Cost
India$40 per hour
UK$50 per hour
USA$60 per hour
Europe$65 per hour

It also depends on the following:

  • Size of the firm (Startup/Medium-Scale/Large-Scale)
  • Technological stacks used (Programming Languages, Frameworks, SQL database, DevOps,
  • Type of web3 wallet
  • Complexities involved in developing the web3 wallet
  • Consolidated features of the Web3 wallet
  • Time taken to develop the project

These are some of the major specifications that can heavily impact the budget of the web3 wallet. So, the pricing differs in every scenario. So it's impossible to give an exact figure relative to the web3 wallet development. Henceforth, a rough estimate is taken where the price ranges from $30000-$500000.

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