Web3 Trading Platform: Understand Features, Cost, Tech Stacks, Steps, And More

By Web3 Solutions

April 25, 2023

The powerful era of technology requires robust platforms embedded with advanced tools and tech stacks. Same lies with web3 trading platforms, which have become a topic of interest in recent years owing to their game-changing approach. AI-based Web3 trading platforms coupled with machine learning, natural language processing, deep learning, and blockchain technology have been a blessing for the new industrial domain that already has an audience eagerly waiting for the next move in the investment sector.

To help those enthusiasts, we have a team of blockchain professionals who are ready to deploy solutions packed with bleeding-edge innovations. So, if you are also planning to build a web3 trading platform that caters to different customers' needs, ensuring seamless integration with an exceptional user experience. In that case, you are at the right place.

Best Web3 Development is a name for building the best web3 platform development. So, feel free to share your business needs and let us handle all your business tech needs. We are ready to provide maintenance services for all your needs from design to deployment and after deployment.

Let’s read this blog and understand Web3 trading platform development, its features, cost, tech stacks, steps, and many more. Also, how we help you all the way!!

Develop a Robust Web3 Trading Platform Development

Data-Driven Tools To Empower Your Web3 Trading Platform

Machine Learning

With experience in a variety of AI development services, our seasoned developers can effortlessly apply machine learning concepts. ML helps users to transform their unstructured data into meaningful information, both for users and admin, to take actionable insight.

Natural Language Processing

Our AI developers can easily integrate natural language processing (NLP) and its subsets. It helps to process large amounts of natural language data. Hence, a business can formulate a policy to reach its goals from customer feedback and searches.

Advanced Learning

We understand how deep learning can affect your business model and the usage of multi-layered artificial networks for transforming complicated data. In order to create a highly performing web3 trading application, we design deep learning architecture for your complicated NLP tasks.

Best Web3 Development - Ultimate Provider For Diverse Web3 Trading Platform Services

Web3 Trading Application Development

We design and develop advanced web3 trading applications to cater to all your business needs. A feature-rich application designed to spot all your customer's needs and business concepts to enjoy fruitful results.

Product Interface Development

To turn your idea into a sophisticated concept, our AI developer creates custom websites and applications backed by advanced technology. From designing the prototype, UX/UI design, app development, and quality assurance to software testing and support, we offer everything in one place.

Fine Tune Model Development

We fine-tune your AI-based web3 trading platform for particular tasks such as predictive analysis, a recommendation to users, and more tasks. The process involves transfer learning, learning rate schedule, data augmentation, regularization, etc. It allows the platform prior knowledge for a particular task before the performance.

Prompt Automation Development

We assist you in delivering customer-centric services. The prompt automation development process enables traders to buy and sell conveniently on the platform. The feature also enables the platform to develop solutions that can perform automated tasks.

Voice Activated Assistance Model

To provide customers with an improved experience over traditional web2 trading platforms, we assist you in creating voice assistance with top-notch features. Users can reach any trading product using natural language processing. Our multi-language assistance also helps users to set reminders, push notifications, buy online, and more.

Our Must-Have Web3 Trading Platform Features

  • Authorization and Verification
  • Trading Engine system
  • Web3 Crypto wallet for Deposit/Withdrawal
  • Internal API
  • Admin Panel
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Notifications And Alerts
  • Help And Support System
  • Integration With Bank Cards
  • Transaction History
  • Referral & Reward Programs

Advanced Features

  • NFT Integration
  • Biometric Data
  • Your Own Tradable Token
  • AI System Recommendations
  • Cold Crypto-Wallet Integration
  • Crypto Staking Functionality
  • P2P Crypto Trading
  • Know Your Transaction (KYT)

Take Your Web3 Trading Software to the Next Level With Us.

Personalized Recommendations

Our crafted platform enables your traders or investors to find investment options according to their preferences. Our designed system works on their previous search history, wishlist criteria, and more features.

Improved Customer Engagement

Our embedded web3 trading software functions on personalized recommendations according to past experience that help to boost customer engagement and satisfaction levels.

Personalized Client Assistance

We are ready to support you all the way, so get ready to share your trouble 24*7 and get a quick address on time.

Cost Efficient Solution

We have a solution for every business according to their budget. Feel free to share your business needs with us whether you have a small-scale, mid-scale, or large-scale business.

Data-Driven Insight

We gather information on clients' interactions and offer priceless data-driven insights. We ensure you will get unique and industry-leading products.

Increased Productivity

AI-packed systems can automate the tasks such as weekly, monthly, or yearly investment collection and analyze the investment scenarios in microseconds. It frees up your time and lets you concentrate on other productive tasks.

Improved Data Management

AI-powered platforms can let you access critical data and turn it into meaningful information. Our designed system can help you to collect and organize data effectively.

Seamless Integration

Our flawless integration services can let you enjoy the existing system without disrupting the flow. We ensure your business's smooth transition toward web3.

Power Trading with Our Web3 Trading Platform Development Services

Tech Stack Needed for Crypto Exchange Development

  • Frontend: jQuery, AngularJS, React, Bootstrap,
  • Backend: Python, Django, PHP, NodeJS,
  • Data Management: MongoDB, Redis, PostgreSQL,
  • Android mobile: Android SDK, Kotlin, RxJava, Android Studio, Ionic, Xamarin, Flutter
  • iOS mobile: Swift, XCode, iOS SDK, Core Data, Ionic, Xamarin, Flutter
  • Blockchain Technologies: Ethereum, Corda, Hyperledger, Kaleido, Azure, MultiChain, Solana, MultiChain, Aptos, Polkadot


Building an architecture design for a web3 trading platform is not rocket science. There are a lot of details, such as handling bulk trading activities, analytical reports, and more than an exchange handle.

Trading Engine

The role of a trading engine is to handle all operations related to matching buyers and sellers, managing orders, price calculations, and delivering results to clients. All these happen with robust APIs.

Frontend UI

The Frontend part of the platform allows users to interact with clients. So, it should be easy to use, secure to handle, and fastest enough to keep high-volume trades without affecting performance.

Admin Panel

Administrators or developers use the admin panel to manage users, digital assets, and trading information. The admin panel is normally not accessible to end users.

Web3 Wallet

Web3 Wallet is where all your users' funds store for safe custody. Blockchain technology-backed platforms are hard to hack by hackers or malicious third parties trying to steal money.


APIs are typically used for communicating with other systems. These can also be used for integration with other systems like KYC providers or other third-party services for news feeds or social network platforms.

How To Make A Web3 Exchange Platform? Steps-by-Step Guide

In this section, we will discuss our experts' steps to build your web3 trading platform. Here we will focus on how we address the technical details of your platform.

Discovery Phase and Market Research

The first step for web3 trading software solution development is to conduct in-depth market research, looking at competitors’ weakest points and focusing on customers' needs. It will help you to understand what your target audience wants from your platform. Our Web 3 developers help you begin market research for your product from the very beginning before commencing execution. Our development team at the discovery phase and development process can help you to streamline the development process.

Budget Calculation

You need to calculate your project budget. It includes the cost to hire a UX/UI developer, web3 developer, web3 development tools, web hosting, blockchain technology acquiring cost, security software, and more resources. You cannot run out of funds because of its start. Here hiring the Best Web3 Development team can help you to save time and money. We divide the task into MVP stages before development, adding more features to customers’ demands to improve platform performance. As we have healthy industry and business knowledge, hiring us will be a more reliable decision.

Designing Wireframes, Prototype, and MVP

Our next step in the way of development is to design a wireframe, prototypes, and MVP (minimum viable product) of your platform. This will help you understand what people want from your web3 trading platform and how they will use it. Once you have the right design and functionality for your exchange, you can start working on the product.

Usability Testing

It's an important part of building an exchange platform as it allows you to see if customers are using your exchange in the way that you want it to be used. Here we also detect whether and fix any with your exchange or not. The phase is completed as early as possible so that any changes on the platform can be made before launching a final version of the platform.

Product Development and Launch

Once all your bugs have been fixed, it's time to start developing your platform with secured backend coding. We ensure it must be ready per clients' needs before launching and the final testing stage. A final stage of testing with a green flag from the QA team ensures safe deployment on major platforms.


Once the project has been launched, it needs to regulate updates and upgrades. Our experts keep an eye on your platform on your demand and guide you in timely bug-fixing issues. We can help you maintain the platform after several months of launching.

Cost & Timeline Calculation For Web3 Platform Development

Today, with the increase in demand for web3 platforms, many businesses are rushing to grab the opportunity. But before that, understand the cost and timeline scenario of web3 trading platform development.

How much does it cost to build a web3 trading platform exchange?

The cost to develop a web3 trading platform depends on the features and functionalities of the platform. Moreover, its size, type of business model, the blockchain technology used, and advanced features also affect it. It can cost you around $300,000-350,000. If you are looking to build a low-cost building solution, it can be around $45000 for development only. Rest you can consult with our experts for cost calculation.

Hire us for Budget Friendly Web3 Trading Platform Development

How long does it take to build a web3 exchange or Trading platform?

The tenure for developing a web3 trading platform depends on what kind of features you want to implement in your trading platform. For instance, if you want to create something like Binance, it can take 6 months or longer. If you want to build an advanced platform with custom features, the tenure can extend to 6-9 months. With the increased platform development tenure, you will get all the necessary tools for professional traders and investors in your platform.

Best Web3 Development: One-Stop Solution For Web3 Trading Platform Development

We offer Web3 Trading Platform Development services to kickstart your journey toward trading platforms and enjoy a big chunk of profit as a pioneer web3 trading company. With a team of 250+ blockchain technology experienced web3 develops, we offer

  • Market-Ready products
  • Highly Scalable Solution
  • Slashed Time-To-Market
  • 100% Customizable
  • Cost-Efficient development process
  • Market As Your Own
  • Modular Yet Resilient Architecture
  • Rigorously Tested and Proven Platform
  • Adherence to High Quality & Security Standards

All our services cope with upgraded tools and technologies. Contact us to learn more about your platform development.