Web3 Payment Gateway: How Web3 is Reshaping Digital Payments

By Web3 Solutions

April 14, 2023

With the advancements in technology, single integration platforms offering access to fiat ramps, subscriptions, online payments, and much more are becoming the choice of users. These platforms allow users to pay with thousands of currencies across major blockchain technologies and enable smooth transactions of multiple fiat currencies with a minimum fee.

Whether it is web3 gaming, NFTs, ecommerce, fashion, education, real estate, or else each one has a clear need for a reliable payment system than traditional digital payment system. But all these look for an affordable and easily deployable payment system that should be highly decentralized, transparent, and accessible for their users. One solution for their all issues is “Web3 Payment Gateway”. Let’s deep dive into the ocean and understand more about Web3 Payment Gateway in this blog.

If you are also using the web3 platform and now planning to build a secured and faster payment gateway coded in the Ethereum, solana, Aptos Blockchain Technologies, you are at the right place. From design to development and deployment, we are a one-spot destination. We have worked on metaverse-related technologies requiring top-notch Blockchain securities to build various solutions.

Now, time to build your Platform. Just share your business requirements. We are ready to develop.

Enable Trustless and Borderless Payments with Us

What is Web3 Payment Gateway Development?

A payment gateway is a system that allows your website to collect credit and debit card payments. It serves as the go-between for the customer, business, and payment processor. Web3 payment gateway is a platform developed with the ability of blockchain technology for web3 platforms and enabling faster and more secure fund transfers on the Platform.

Web3 payment gateway integrates with an accounting system to instantly transfer data, conduct successful payments, and receive triggers to timely charge due payments. The solution can be connected to a data analytics system to share relevant data required to analyze cash inflow and customer payment behavior.

Why Web3 Payment Gateway Software Development?

Undoubtedly, cryptocurrency is going to become the future of digital transactions. Therefore master business players are investing and showing so much interest in developing their own payment gateway platforms like Coinbase, Blockchain.info, BitPay, etc., with the ability of blockchain technology. Therefore, considering the increasing demand for such a model, it will be wise to adopt and make a truthful business strategy as your business model.

Here are more reasons for the same.

Smooth Conversion

Simple and easy-to-use platforms enable faster and smoother conversions, importantly, without glitches.

Several Payment Options

Several payment options, such as Credit/debit cards, net banking, and mobile banking, make it convenient to transfer & convert funds into cryptocurrency.

Supporting Multiple Cryptocurrencies

The web3 wallet enables users to support multiple currencies and helps users to execute transactions effectively.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication features make all the transactions conducted on the Platform safe and secure. Users can verify their identities using a QR code and an OTP or Pin Code.

Transaction History

Admins and users will have global access to the transaction history.

Globally Accessible

Users around the world can easily access the platform and conduct transactions from anywhere and anytime.

Handling Disputes

The payment gateway has the ability to handle disputes in case of discrepancies.

Fastest Transaction Time

Solana, APTOS, Polkadot, or other blockchain technology-based gateways offer the fastest transaction time with minimum fees.

User-Controlled Funds

Users have complete control over their funds and private keys. It ensures security and transparency.

Data Security

All saved data is encrypted in cutting-edge blockchain technology, ensuring every transaction is safe and secure.

Multiple Wallets

You can integrate and access multiple wallets to transfer cryptocurrencies with a single application.

Unlock the Power of Decentralized Payments

How Does Web3 Payment Gateway Software Work?

  • Web3 payment gateway processes simply start working when users connect cryptocurrency to it. It's an effective replacement for traditional cards with a digital wallet demanding merchant registration.
  • Once the users are able to connect successfully, they can transact multiple cryptocurrencies in less time and optimize transaction response. All the transactions conducted on the Platform take place on a P2P network and are submitted to the general ledger.
  • When the users place an order, the web3 payment gateway collects players' data in an encrypted format, then sends the data to the merchant’s web server. When the data is sent to the merchant's server, it scans blockchain technology integrated with web3 technology.
  • It is essential for web3 payment gateway platform users to pen down the unique wallet address and act as identification for both parties' payment processing. All the transactions are held through connected nodes and validating payment processes.
  • Once the connected nodes validate the transaction, the Platform checks it and confirms it for transaction reliability under the highest security. After the verification is over, the coin is sent to the respective merchant’s wallet, and the notifications are received by both parties.
  • Now, the merchant can withdraw crypto coins as fiat from their wallet at any time into fiat like USD, INR, EURO, DINAR, etc.

Our Web3 Payment Gateway Development Services

We offer a blend of Web3 Payment Gateway Development Services that let you enjoy an exciting product at the end of the day. Here are some of our services;

Payments on Blockchain

We offer enhanced web3 payment gateway development services for your effective business model that lets your users accept payments in all the major currencies. Our integrated payment gateway app makes transactions in a seamless manner, at any time. Moreover, the power of blockchain technology ensures every transaction on the Platform should be highly secured.

Secure Crypto Wallet

We build a secure and reliable web3 payment gateway that is safe and reliable in the digital world. Our experts develop crypto wallets from design to development according to customers' needs. The best thing is that they can enjoy all features such as currency exchange, monitoring different currencies, analysis, and more securely. Users can also predict the current market value of the cryptocurrencies in their web3 wallet.

Multi-Payment Options

We assist you in creating your Platform that supports multi-payment options. We designed a payment gateway that helps users to convert their fiat into digital currencies. Hence, users take hassle-free to convert fiat currencies, i.e., USD, INR, and EURO, via credit or debit card. Besides that, users can also use other crypto coins to your payment gateway platform for exchanges.

Different Currency Exchange

Today, several businesses are attracting users by accepting a number of cryptocurrencies. We build a payment gateway application that is apt for trends. We have experience developing the most secure cryptocurrency payment gateway software that supports the global blockchain market territory. I.e., Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, etc., as payment options.

API Integration

We develop a unique web3 payment gateway to provide top-notch services for your project’s greatest achievements. Therefore, our API integration services support and automate the payment system to stand your product the best in the market. Along with payment features, our designed Platform assists you with non-payment functionalities.

Multi-lingual Support

We design a web3 payment gateway offering multi-language support. It boosts the Platform’s global approach and helps land more users on the platform. We also integrate API in the local language so that your software can get the additional benefits of reaching an audience around the corner.

Features of Web3 Payment Gateway Software

We created a completely customized web3 payment gateway solution in an enhanced manner. Our designed solution complies with the industry and your business norms. Below we have highlighted a few features of the Platform, and if you need more according to industry demand or changing users' expectations, you can alter the existing software framework at a 360-degree angle.

Peer-to-Peer Connection

Using our web3 application development services, you can empower global merchants, retailers, and businessmen to earn money from customers through a peer-to-peer ecosystem. We build a safe and secure platform enabling faster transactions and at lower transaction fees.

No Intermediaries

The powerful payment gateway based on blockchain technology eliminated third-party intermediaries. Therefore, all the transactions directly pass from one person to another in the most secure manner.

Global Business Transactions

Generally, financial institutes take 3-4 days to complete a transaction, but with a web3 payment wallet, it can be completed in a fraction of a second. Therefore, it's a perfect fit gateway for all types of global enterprises, such as small, medium, and large. It assists your business in achieving goals shortly.

Real-Time Communication

With powerful blockchain technologies and smart contracts, web3 payment platforms have the potential to convert currency into fiat with robust exchange capabilities. You can watch everything in the real-time exchange process.

Automatic Settlement

The easy payment gateways are configured with auto-settlement features. Therefore, digital currency can be easily and automatically settled in receivers' accounts.

Simple to Implement

We design simple-to-use platforms that can be handled even by budding users. It can be easily connected with existing applications, making their trading experience more convenient. Hence, the multicurrency web3 payment gateway enables faster and more reliable transaction options.

Perks of Our Designed Web3 Payment Gateway Solution

No Chargebacks

Web3 payment gateways deal with the major drawback of traditional payment gateways, where returns or refunds can be easily anticipated. But with the web3 payment gateway, once the transaction gets completed between two parties, it cannot be returned or refunded by attackers. Entrepreneurs globally appreciate the Platform as it results in low-risk transactions. The feature assists you in growing among existing audiences faster.

Users Confidentiality

Building Users' Confidentiality is another prime factor for choosing us. Unlike other

Traditional payment gateways require KYC to register and start. Our designed web3 payment gateway does not require such information. Users can proceed with the transactions using an anonymous account. Therefore, there is no need to be concerned about customers' privacy.

Faster Transaction Processing

It is very common when an intermediate in the transactions delays payment and confirmations. But in crypto, payment processing eliminates the third party from transactions. Also, faster merchants' access can boost the demand for your currency.

White Label Web3 Payment Gateway Solution

Our white-label web3 payment gateway offers enormous options to escalate your business smartly using blockchain technology. We design 100% tailored solutions that can be easily deployed on all apps. This means you can customize features such as removing existing ones, changing colors, logos, fonts, backend programs, etc.

Partner with Us for Web3 Payment Gateway Integration

Various Payment Options Offered by Our Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway

Our designed web3 payment gateway enables you to make successful transactions using the below-mentioned cryptocurrencies.

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Dash
  • Ripple
  • Binance Coin
  • XRP
  • USD Coin

You can also approach us to develop your customized cryptocurrency. We have experienced developers offering cryptocurrency development services.

Our Web3 Payment Gateway Platform Development Process

We follow a simple process that can be easily understood by budding entrepreneurs to develop their solutions. Here are some steps;

  • Gather your business information
  • Analyze your clients and market demand
  • Select blockchain technology
  • Design UI/UX
  • Construct a prototype defining features and functionality
  • Develop a platform with secured coding
  • Conduct multiple-level Testing to remove glitches, bugs, and errors
  • Deploying platform from local server to clients server
  • Maintenance and support

We keep our clients updated at every stage from designing to development.

What Is The Cost To Develop Web3 Payment Gateway Platform?

The average cost of developing a web3 payment gateway can range between $55000 to $98000 depending on various factors. Some of these include;

  • Selection of blockchain technology
  • Features and Functionality
  • Technology used
  • Integration tools
  • UI & UX creation
  • Prototype creation
  • Smart contract development
  • Development team requirement

These were the few names, rest of your development team location, number of hours spent, complexity and size of the platform, and team members deployed to create a system. To know more accurate details for your platform development, you can contact our experts.

Why Choose Us Web3 Payment Gateway Development Company?

Best Web3 Development is not only a software development company but a team of blockchain technology skilled developers who are ready to change the world through digital innovations. Leveraging our skills and experience, we help our clients to reach new heights and make their Platforms secure and scalable. Therefore for your web3 payment gateways, we provide;

  • Smart contract development services
  • Cryptocurrency development services
  • Wallet development services
  • Token creations
  • Blockchain consultancy services and more