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March 01, 2023

Web3 provides a fresh perspective on its potential evolution. In addition to decentralizing the web, Web3 aims to increase its efficiency and security. Both the internet and how we use it have changed over time. Tim Berners-Lee could not have imagined today's internet, where everything from our data to our social lives is online, when he first created the World Wide Web in 1989.

Decentralization will cause technology to change from what we have seen in the past. Instead of a single central server, data will be kept on numerous devices. Since there won't be a single point of failure, decentralization also reduces the power of hackers who attempt to steal data from these devices. Isn't it incredible?

We have already seen a great rise in the development of the Web3 gaming space. There are frequently exciting updates and new developments in the Web3 gaming industry. The popularity of Web3 games among gamers is undeniable and spreading like wildfire. Unlike creating traditional games, Web2 games, creating Web3 games require much attention and resources.

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In this blog, you can find detailed information about the Web3-based gaming platform, how much it costs, and the breakdown of the cost of creating a Web3 game.

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Gaming Industry Stats

  • The global gaming market is expected to increase by $125.65 billion.
  • Until 2025, the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is anticipated to rise by 12.40%.
  • Around 22.6 million gamers in the APAC (Asia-Pacific) region have a remarkable ownership rate of cryptocurrency.
  • Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and North America make up the remaining regions after that.
  • APAC's share of global cryptocurrency revenue is approximately US $157.3 million, or 49%, while North America's share is approximately US $80.3 million, or 25%.
  • Console games come in second with the highest revenue, about 40% higher, or US $128.4 million, than mobile games.
  • Mobile games account for most sales, with US $128.4 million, followed by console games, with US $89.9 million. PC games, tablet games, and browser games come next.

The aforementioned stats show a turning point for the Web3-enabled gaming sector. The Web3 game development cost calculator is based on several variables. The complexity, design, features, platform, etc., are some deciding elements.

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Web3 Game Development Cost Breakdown

Developing a Web3 game can cost between $80,000 and $130,000. The price will vary depending on several elements, including complexity, requirements for the design, customizability, etc. Only following a consultation can an estimate be given with greater specificity.

Web3 App/Software Design Cost$5,000 to $10,000
Web3 Development Cost$35 to $65K
Deployment Cost$15K
Integration Cost$10K
Maintenance Cost1500 to 4k
Project Managers$25 per hour
Assurance & Testing$5000

NOTE: The table approximates the general costs of developing a Web3 game. Consult our professionals for accurate Web3 game development cost calculator.

Different Web3 Game Applications

Since various user types are present, game applications are created to suit their preferences. Many games have been developed to meet the users' needs for gaming. Below is an illustration of a few:

Web3 Adventure Games

Two distinct mechanics serve as the foundation for adventure-style games. Either they are incredibly straightforward or incredibly complex. They have a sizable market opportunity and a much wider audience. This is because the captivating storylines capture the user's attention.

According to market trends, such games will generate approximately $19 million in global revenue in 2023. The number of downloads is predicted to increase by 14 million. The themes are adaptable as well. The comedy theme is the most popular. When a player tries to make a foolish move, a response is given to stop them.

Web3 Betting Games

Users have a huge demand for betting games. People naturally gravitate toward online games with a casino theme. They produce enormous revenue; in 2021, these games will account for about 18.9% of all revenue.

Men make up the majority of users or about 81% of the audience. The users are typically 37 years old on average. For instance, Pulsz, Jackpot City Casino, and Casino Reviews.

Web3 Role-Playing Games

These video games are based on made-up characters. Character development has been thoroughly researched. The games become more interesting and captivating as a result. Users are required to embody these personalities and behave accordingly.

These games are likelier to display creativity because the backgrounds can be designed with anything. Most of their followers are millennials, who are huge fans of games like the Final Fantasy series, Raid: Shadow Legends, etc.

Web3 Arcade Games

Mobile arcade games have drawn inspiration from classic ones. It used to be addictive, but now its popularity is lagging. The main cause is the game's conversion to an online format.

It is very simple to manage and control on that platform. The easy levels are the first, and as time goes on, the difficulty level rises. For instance, Ballistic, Bubble Dragons, and Summer Sweet Shuffle.

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Web3 Puzzles Games

Playing these games is very simple. Everyone of any age can take part in it. They are real tension relievers. The best option for killing time is them. It can also be beneficial to strengthen one's memory while having fun.

Themes weren't great in the past, but simulations and graphic designs have greatly improved. Examples include the plumber, Tronix II, Rubik's supercube, and other classic puzzle games.

Web3 Electronic Card Games

Card games have followed other games in moving toward the digital sphere. The conventional ones call for at least one counterpart who is not the user. But these online card games have drastically changed everything. Now that the computerized opponent is playing, one can play the game alone.

These games come in a huge variety, and the interface is captivating due to its quick movement and time-sensitive features. Digital card games include, among others, Thronebreaker and Magic.

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Factors Affecting the Web3 Game Development Costs

The complexity of the application and the programming language used in the development determine how much it will cost to create a web application. The more time developers must invest in an app, the more complex it is. Every Web3 application is unique, and the price will vary according to how complicated the requirements are, what skills are needed to develop it, and how long it will take.

  • App Complexity
  • Developer Skills
  • Development Time
  • App Features
  • Location

Apps' Complexity

The requirements determine the price of Web3 development. Three different costs impact the development cost:

1. Low-Cost Web3 Applications: These applications aren't very complex and don't take much time to develop. This kind of project is typically finished in less than two months.

2. Medium-Priced Web3 Application: Although it takes more time, this kind of application is still not very complex and doesn't require many features or customizations. This type 2 project typically takes two to three months to finish.

3. High-Priced Web3 Application: To be successful on the market, this type of application must be complex, have a lot of features, and have a lot of customizations.

Developer’s Skills

The developer's expertise greatly impacts the price of a Web3 application. Simply put, some programmers have more experience than others. Depending on this variable, it could be anywhere from $5 to $50 per hour. The exchange rate will vary depending on where you are in the world. Developers can be divided into three categories based on their abilities and working styles.

Development Time

Time is another element influencing development costs. The sooner you make changes, the cheaper and easier it will be to implement them and cost less. The design change might take a few minutes. Making changes can take a lot of time, money, and labor.

In-App Features

Additionally, the app's feature covers the cost of the entire thing. Because Web3 applications with multichain web3 wallets like MetaMask and Torus need complex coding and must remain secure and straightforward for international payments and transactions, you might pay more for them. They must make it possible to accept payments without revealing your users' private information.

The network on which your product will run also adds to the price. Networks like Solana provide latency in the hundreds of milliseconds and transactions that can cost you less than one penny.


If you choose a development in your area, you might have lower costs. Avoiding taxes and delivering all necessary services on time can save you money. The cost of living can range from $80 to $250 in some of the world's most expensive regimes, including the USA, Canada, and Australia. Many businesses in the USA provide web3 game development services for $50 to $99 per hour or even less.

A Web3 game app's development typically costs $90,000.

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You can use our Web3 game development cost calculator to find an estimation of developing and deploying costs.

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