Metaverse Event Platform Development: Events In The Metaverse Realms

By Web3 Solutions

February 15, 2023

Are you an event organizer looking for a way to expand your company into the metaverse? You are, in fact, in the right place at the right time.

Technology is undoubtedly changing over time. Now and then, new technological trends appear and are discussed worldwide. The metaverse has recently emerged as the most popular technology. Everyone is talking about it, from common people to well-known business leaders.

The Metaverse is developing into a phenomenon every day. People from various industries are embracing it with open arms as it has the potential to tremble the commercial sector. However, the event industry may be the one most affected. They may have endless opportunities once they realize the metaverse’s potential. The metaverse event platform development company will enable the event industry to capitalize on this potential.

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Let's delve into this blog to learn more about the the metaverse and web3 event platform development scope.

Metaverse Stats

  • The global virtual market is currently valued at $14 billion USD. By the end of 2022, more than 40% of marketing events will occur virtually (luisa zhou).
  • The metaverse market was estimated to be worth 478.7 billion dollars in 2020 and was expected to grow to 800 billion dollars by 2024. (Statista)
  • The metaverse market is anticipated to expand by 13.1% annually.
  • By 2026, 25% of people will spend, on average, one hour in the metaverse.
  • 30% of businesses will provide goods and services for the metaverse by 2026.

Introduction To Metaverse Events

Events are now being conducted in a hybrid manner due to the shift in trends following the pandemic era. Meetings and events are currently being held in the metaverse, upgrading the online mode of video calls. Many tech giants have already shifted to virtual events where staff members communicate with one another online.

Metaverse technologies are cutting-edge; for example, the VR headset allows users to teleport in a fantastical setting. They may experience a sense of participation in that ongoing process. The metaverse's potential is to diminish the distance between the physical and virtual worlds.

You must remember to contact the leading metaverse event platform development company to learn more about the benefits of metaverse for your event business.

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Why We Need Metaverse For An Event Industry

The metaverse makes it possible to put unmatched ideas on paper for the event industry. You can push the boundaries of invention and creativity as far as you like. There needs to be more seating available when you host a meeting in a conference room. With the metaverse, though, that won't be the case. There are no restrictions on how many individuals can attend any event.

People choose the metaverse for meetings and activities for various reasons. There are many dimensions to the metaverse. Any size event, including international exhibits, corporate conferences, and occasions like Dubai Expo 2020, can be held there. Opportunities have arisen due to the growth of the metaverse event platform, which no one can ignore. Consider the scenario where you want to plan a business meeting with attendees from all around the world. You can accomplish it similarly in the metaverse, unlike the actual world. That's exciting, isn't it? We believe it is.

Launching metaverse event platforms will increase engagement significantly. Using gamification, you can investigate practical methods for involving your customers, participants, and staff. The outcome could be a more dynamic world where everyone connects in real-time. Consequently, there is improved connection at work. You can demonstrate your originality by expressing yourself through various avatars in the virtual world. There is no restriction on how you can communicate with one another.

The metaverse and marketing are inseparable. E-commerce as a concept will change. In the metaverse, customers can go to the store. It enables companies to set up stores where interested customers view and trial things. The metaverse is one such technology that will advance over the next few years. It lessens the difference in experience between physically and virtually attending an event. The increased experience will be similar for both individuals.

A Vision Like Yours Needs the Best Metaverse Event Development Company to Realize It

We have an ultra-modern solution to your digital needs.

Groundbreaking Metaverse Event Platform Development For All Your Business Needs

Advanced Audience Involvement

We create web3 event apps that are simple for users to use. The more sophisticated 3D design can keep users interested for longer. Unlike in the real world, the audience can watch the events unfold nonstop until the end.

Money-Making Techniques

We provide premium metaverse virtual event solutions, for which users must pay the platform a considerable fee. Attendees interested in the VIP experience must pay the platform fees to access it during the virtual event.

Current Ambiance

Our platforms allow you to enhance the number of users participating in the event because of the top-notch metaverse space infrastructure and the variety of designs available to users when creating their avatars.


Our specialists can help you keep track of all the relevant analytical data with event platforms. These include demographics of attendees, peak participation periods, participation patterns, and resource downloads. Additionally, you can look for suggestions for organizing future events.

Metaverse Events Platform Features We Offer

Breakout Areas

Event breakout spaces make large gatherings smaller so participants can choose different conversation topics and designate certain session tracks.

Online Networking

Networking at events can help establish enduring impressions and solid client ties. The strategy that increases a company's customer base is networking. Since users can typically welcome each other and the organizer in an immersive environment, networking occurs in the metaverse like never before.


This feature ensures that the conference never gets boring by allowing the guests to introduce themselves and engage in activities throughout the meeting. Users can, for instance, search for secret unique locations during a metaverse concert to maintain engagement. After the session, rewards will go to the person with the most points.


We offer more alternatives for in-person, hybrid, and online registration, and our registration process is quicker than our competitors. Creating a mobile-friendly event registration page and delivering an easy registration process are made simple by utilizing registration.

Customer Support

You and your team can take an active or passive role with our services and assistance. Your dream of holding an event will become a reality with the leading metaverse event platform development company, which provides hassle-free client assistance. Our team of metaverse specialists and committed project management are on call around the clock to serve our valued customers.


You can increase your anticipated ROI by allowing us to add a feature that creates room for sponsors and exhibitor booths. Information can be exchanged at these booths, allowing sponsors to access the activities. To sell their services, this might be done by developing commercials or workshops.

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Organize Variety Of Events In The Metaverse Event Platform

Corporate Meetings

Virtual corporate meetings help employees save time that was used to reach the office on very short notice. The members can easily attend meetings from their personal working space. All they need to do is create a virtual avatar for their online presence per their design choices. The attendees can customize the virtual meeting space accordingly with all their comforts. They can choose any design they want by selecting numerous 3D layouts.

Virtual eLearning

Leverage our metaverse virtual event solutions to benefit your virtual learning event business. The platform offers virtual onboard employee training and virtual space educational training for the students. We help you create customized UI interfaces and immersive 3D designs to have an attractive and engaging eLearning experience. The students or the learning staff can communicate more effectively with unique role-playing features. It enhances education by providing real-time learning spaces for students.

Music Concerts

Our metaverse event platform hosts live music concerts by letting fans enjoy live events by signing up on the platform. It has been observed that many youngsters are showing a huge craze by walking into metaverse music concerts. The fans must buy event tickets and create digital avatars to enter the concert space. The performers and stars can ideally reach out to and interact with their audiences virtually. They can also switch their outfits and the stage design in the virtual space.

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Virtual Celebrations

Metaverse virtual events solution provides virtual spaces to have fun by organizing celebration events like festivals, company anniversaries, informal parties, and more. Virtual party space allows the attendee to reset, avatar change, and more. The guests can adjust themselves in the private rooms. Users can also conduct theme parties and weddings in the metaverse space using different templates to decorate the space.

Benefits Of Metaverse Event App Development Solutions

Unique Experiences

The metaverse provides consumers with a truly unique experience. The metaverse is a young technology that gained attention quickly after "Facebook" changed its name to Meta. The Metaverse offers eventgoers a user-engaging experience by allowing them to participate virtually in the event and effectively interact with it through their avatars.

Advanced Metrics and Insights

The metaverse virtual events solutions offer opportunities to view complex metrics and allow the creation of 3D avatars that can communicate with one another. While attending a meeting, users can easily access project or meeting insights. Photos, statistics, and video presentations that can be webcast throughout the meeting will be part of this.


The meetups planned in the metaverse will be affordable because many unnecessary expenses, like transportation, will be avoided. Also, anyone from anywhere worldwide is welcome to attend the metaverse event.

Community Development

In the metaverse, people can form enduring, loyal relationships. Meeting someone using their avatars while wearing a VR headset can be comparable to meeting them in person. Events can develop strong client relationships this way and precisely advertise their meeting program.

Metaverse Event Platform Development Costing Factors

So, now you clearly understand the concept of metaverse events and how they can benefit your business. Further, you must learn about the overall cost of metaverse events solution development. The estimated cost margin for a metaverse platform development is $40000-$150000. Discuss your platform requirements with the the leading company providing best metaverse event app development in Dubai, USA, Uk and worldwide to know the actual cost.

Some factors make the metaverse event app cost go up or down. Have a look at these factors:

  • Virtual event app type
  • Security features
  • Additional features
  • Platform complexity
  • Development company location
  • Team size
  • Post-development support services
  • Maintenance

Once the platform is created, you can generate revenue by allowing users to attend the event by paying some amount. An entrance pass allows users just to enter and view the event. To participate, a user needs to take a participation pass. Also, users can use expensive features by spending a specified sum to unlock those features. Those who want to access the event from the front or rows must buy VIP tickets. And you can generate a large amount of money by letting people advertise on your platform.

How Can Best Web3 Development Help?

Best Web3 Development is the industry leader in providing metaverse event app development solutions with originality and innovation. You can count on us to assist you using the newest technology to give your consumers an enriched experience. You can implement a futuristic brand experience with our vision and experience to maintain your competitive edge in the metaverse cosmos.

We offer:

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