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By Web3 Solutions

February 09, 2023

With the emergence of multi-event mobile apps, conference and event management has seen astounding modifications. Contact conference attendees quickly and efficiently with the help of a web3 event management app. Additionally, these apps make networking at conferences and other gatherings easier. Enterprises and business groups recognize the value of mobile event apps in all phases of event organization, from event management to implementation. The application aids in connecting with conference organizers, vendors, advertisers, and presenters.

The networking opportunities offered by event applications are numerous. Do you also want an event management app for your own event business? By providing the top event app and website solutions for iPhone and Android, we are here to serve you.

At Best Web3 Development, the leading web3 development company, we are experts in creating first-rate, cutting-edge solutions that are renowned for giving customers an effortless experience and enhancing the functionality of apps. With our top-notch creative media apps, we offer customers a simple and fun experience. Millions of individuals worldwide adore our inventions in entertainment app creation, which aids companies in connecting with their target market.

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  1. Event Industry Future With Web3 Innovations
  2. Understand The Growing Demand Of Web3 Event Platform Development
  3. Services That Make Web3 Events Successful
  4. Alluring Web3 Event App Features We Offer
  5. Way to Monetize Your Web3 Event App
  6. Tech Stacks We Use For Your Web3 Event Platform Development
  7. Web3 Event App Development Perks
  8. Affecting Factors While Creating Web3 Event App
  9. Choosing Us For Web3 Event App Development

Event Industry Future With Web3 Innovations

The potential application of Web3 events indicates that they will dominate many social gatherings, professional events, and amusement events. Virtual gatherings will need more convenience and high customization for the hosts. However, by utilizing web3 event apps, participants can connect from anywhere, at any time, and in the comfort of their homes without being restricted by physical location.

Since virtual events don't cause environmental degradation, the idea touches on maintaining a safe and clean atmosphere. As a result, there are many opportunities for Web3 events in the metaverse, and many successful examples of live events and conferences have already taken place in the virtual world.

Given all the benefits associated with organizations, audiences, and the ecosystem, it makes sense to get started on your web3 event app development. Get ready to collaborate with us to explore the possibilities of virtual technology!

Build An Exclusive Web3 Event Platform With Passionate Blockchain Developers!!

We have experienced tech prowess to craft your tailor made solution.

Understand The Growing Demand Of Web3 Event Platform Development

The efficiency of Web3 events has increased over time, contributing to the following;

  • Drive more prospects.
  • Increase your revenue.
  • Describe the company's vision to the staff and investors.
  • Engage your audience.
  • Build a base of devoted customers.
  • Improve face-to-face communication.

Due to the numerous perks of Web3 events, companies all over the world are investing in the creation of Web3 event platforms and the management of virtual events. Businesses have the option to increase client involvement and engagement through these events.

The host can choose whether to have a web3 event, depending on the type of event and business objectives. The web3 platform can be used by businesses to set up conferences, training sessions, team meetings, and leadership programs.

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Services That Make Web3 Events Successful

We are the leading web3 event app development company globally because of our comprehensive range of services.

Corporate Events

We have a team of web3 event app developers who offer corporate event app development services that organize the audience and manage the event, maintaining your brand image, regardless of how many people you have on your team and how many you want to invite to your event.

Trade Conferences

We offer specific web3 event app development services to enhance the number of guests invited to the stand at conferences and corporate events. Displaying all the services and products would keep the guests engaged.

Entertainment & Sports

No matter the crowd occupancy, our event apps are renowned for making the invitation procedure, crowd management, visitor security protocol, and audience interaction process easier. To boost app engagement, our team of event app developers will also include AR technology in your app.

Event Schedule Management

As a leading web3 event app development company, we have a team of designers, developers, and quality assurance specialists who create unique event management apps following client needs.

Commercial Events

Our expert web3 event app developers offer Web3 app development services that are beneficial to managing large crowds, maintaining a positive business image, and holding the entire event successfully.


Stop your guests wandering around to different conference rooms looking for their particular conference. You can assist them by providing a real-time conference update using the web3 event services we provide.

Event App Maintenance

Due to the necessity of upgrading the app, our event app creation firm offers post-launch support and assistance. We provide customizable customer service options to make the app easy to use.

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Tech Stacks We Use For Your Web3 Event Platform Development

Blockchain Apps

We offer web3 event apps that include blockchain technology, helping to authenticate attendees' registration information and making it more secure and understandable for event organizers. These event management platforms with Blockchain enhancements also aid in streamlining the operations of event companies. You must have these apps to give event guests a more intelligent and superior experience.

Integrated iBeacon Apps

We connect beacon equipment installed at the site with our mobile event app development solutions. It aids guests in navigating the event and receiving real-time updates. Visitors attending the event can download iBeacon-compatible apps to their smartphones and use Bluetooth to transmit signals for analysis, navigation, participant location, and messaging.

Integrated IoT Apps

NFC and BLE technologies help to boost our developed applications. It links the visitors and allows them to gain from tailored marketing. The ability to deliver customized notifications to keep attendees informed keeps everyone connected. These IoT-integrated apps' smart data collection is helpful for decision-making and providing visitors with automatic alerts.

AR/VR Integrated Apps

We incorporate AR/VR into developing event planning apps so that app users can take in the entire event from wherever they are. Additionally, it increases app users' engagement. These incredible AR/VR applications give users a virtual experience in the convenience of their homes. You may offer visitors with AR/VR-integrated apps a variety of advantages, including visitor routing and guidance, enabling virtual collaboration, and gamifying attendance' encounters at events.

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Web3 Event App Development Perks

Still, you have doubts about web3 event platform development, then do not miss these perks.

Cost Effective

An organization can hold smaller events, training, webinars, and virtual workshops by developing a web3 event platform. Consequently, businesses can conserve money for major events where they may increase their global visibility and create a lot of leads. On the bright side, companies can plan hybrid events that allow participants to sign up whenever convenient.

More Versatility

Organizing a web3 event gives businesses an edge when presenting a possibility, even in terrible weather and unfavorable travel circumstances. When canceling an event, there is no need to stress about paying for the venue or making other preparations because you can cancel an event easily.

More Potential

Modern technology enables organizations to expand their events globally and provide new growth prospects. An event's longevity can be extended by streaming web3 events online and storing them in the cloud to be accessed later.

Environment Immersive

Hire our skilled web3 event app development team to introduce a web3 event platform that combines augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology. Users can interact in the 3D virtual environment with these technologies.


The event is made simple for businesses with the emergence of web3 event platforms. Multiple 3D events can be launched in the blockchain using the same software and device requirements.

New Possibilities

An organization's investment in developing the web3 event platform opens up a whole new range of commercial possibilities, including those related to cryptocurrencies, blockchains, and NFTs. Businesses can employ this cutting-edge technology to draw more users and investors to their platform.

No Restrictions

There is no such restriction with the web3 event, unlike real-life events that are only limited to the office, meeting rooms, and concert venues. Anyone can express their ideas using PPT, photos, videos, documents, and other media, and hosts can invite as many participants as possible and arrange them wherever.

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Affecting Factors While Creating Web3 Event App

Promoting /Marketing

When it comes to the expansion of any organization, marketing is essential. What happens if you're organizing a major event and people want to know the location, schedule, and planning for it? You must have an event app to inform your members about your ongoing and upcoming events.

Value your Audience

Due to technological advancements, people hardly ever use programs, so they would only have to download another one for their two-day conference. Make your application significant by creating a simpler or more effective means for your users to interact with your events, comprehend them, and adjust them following the purpose if you want people to download and use your program.

Development Firm and Location

You can also outsource the design and development of your event application. Providing your event app in the USA is more expensive than having it developed in another country. In those circumstances, more communication, developer verification, and management of valid legal issues might be necessary.

Device Platform

Android and Apple applications are distinct from one another and are created independently, as are applications created specifically for tablets. The event app will also need to spend more on development and testing to be compatible with all devices.

Get Ready To Shine in The Event Industry With The Start of Art Web3 Event Platform Development!!

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Alluring Web3 Event App Features We Offer

Here is a list of the features you will receive in the web3 event platform when you hire Best Web3 Development to design it. All of these features are user-focused and necessary to provide a distinctive experience. The following is a summary of our web3 event platform's primary features:

Create Profile

Users of this service can set up a profile and provide simple information like their name, date of birth, email address, and others.

Social Media

Users can register for the platform using this function in just a few minutes and post information about the events to their social media accounts.

Event Registration

Users can register for events on the site and utilize this feature to participate in a virtual event.

Event Page

With the help of this function of our platform, hosts can make an event page with a description, date, time, and other pertinent details.

Create Event

With the help of this function, a host may easily plan an event in a virtual setting, invite guests, and prepare a schedule.

Multi-window Option

Our web3 event platform has a feature that enables organizers to invite various speakers to share their perspectives with attendees.

Multi-payment Option

Users have three payment options for the virtual event's joining costs: credit card, PayPal, and debit card.

In-app Chat

With this function, consumers can interact live with the presenters and offer insightful commentary.

Storage & Recording

This function enables customers to record the virtual event, store it online, and watch it whenever they want.

Video Streaming

Speakers can stream videos using our web3 event platform by attaching cameras and mics.

Private Chat Rooms

Businesses can set up private training sessions and business meetings using this tool and initiate 1:1 interactions for better teamwork at work.

Report & Analysis

The event planner can use this tool to view reports such as the total number of participants and ticket sales.


Users can use this tool to provide the event host with insightful feedback about the event and improvement suggestions.

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Way to Monetize Your Web3 Event App

You can profit significantly by making the guests pay to attend the event. Users can only view the event if they have the entrance pass.

High-End Facilities

The platform is brimming with cutting-edge and expensive features. To unlock certain features, users must spend a specified sum. It could involve designing intriguing avatars, altering the setting, reserving the best rooms in party venues, etc.

Get VIP Tickets

Those who want to use the VIP access credentials to watch the event from the front rows must fork over additional cash. It might also contain some more locations with VIP access.


The companies who work with you to fund the event might be promoted. In addition, any company that wants to place banners or adverts at your event may demand a significant fee.

Want to stay ahead of the competition?

Let us guide you with our Web3 event app development services. Contact us now and discover the possibilities.

Choosing Us For Web3 Event App Development

Best Web3 Development has the honor of helping clients in various business sectors use cutting-edge technologies to increase productivity. We have developed advanced, adaptable, and highly reliable business solutions for our clients. We provide the greatest tech stack and software solutions as a reputable web3 app development company to set our clients up for success.

We offer:

  • Complete Customization
  • High Expertise
  • Latest Resources
  • Round-the-Clock Support

Get ready for a handshake deal if you want to adopt a web3 event app in your company and are curious about how much it costs to develop an event app since we offer you the best pricing in the industry. For our clients, we have created several great event applications.

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What is the Cost of building Web3 Event App Development?

The average Cost of developing a Web3 Event App ranges between $67 000 to $123 000 based on your platform needs and industry demand for features and functionalities.

How Long will it take to Make The Web3 Event Platform?

Generally, it takes 5 to 6 months to build simple functionality. In contrast, a complex featured packed app can take 9 months.