Decentralized Messaging App Development Company: Build Web3 Messaging App

By Web3 Solutions

April 24, 2023

You may have heard about messaging apps that not only build one-to-one personal relationships but also benefit organizations in a myriad of ways. From managing tasks to saving time over meetings, these platforms enable flawless business functionalities.

Now it's time to take one step ahead and understand web3 or Decentralized Messaging App Development. In other words, the future of messaging apps that are backed by blockchain technology and build a more secure and easy-to-use platform for everyone. It not only distributes authority but also provides real-time data with fast transactions.

If you are also in the race to develop a web3 messaging app or planning to migrate a web2 app into a web3 app, you are at the right place. Best Web3 Development is a perfect solution for all your needs. From experience to expertise, we have the right set of tools and technologies. Let’s learn more about your decentralized Messaging App and how we help you all the way!!

What is Decentralized Messaging App Development?

Like web3 messaging or chat apps, Decentralized Messaging Apps act as a way to send and receive messages, either in groups or one-to-one. But this is a highly secured and advanced environment created to fulfill the needs of web3-based tech companies who want to harness the potential of decentralized communication platforms to connect their users.

Therefore, whether it's a web3 real estate business, web3 ecommerce platform, web3 gaming, web3 healthcare, web3 traveling, or you name any, each one looks for decentralized messaging app development where they can connect securely with their clients and coworkers. The smart contract-based platform eliminates the requirement for intermediary apps to accomplish the entire operation.

Some Interesting Facts About Messaging Apps

  • As of January 2022, two billion users were accessing WhatsApp Messenger on a monthly basis.
  • Facebook Messenger has 1 billion users.
  • Messaging apps have overtaken social media platforms in the number of active monthly users by 20%.
  • Forty million businesses are active on Messenger.
  • 66% of consumers are more confident about making a purchase when a company is active in messaging apps.
  • 69% of respondents are more likely to buy from a brand if there’s a WhatsApp option available.

Hope you get your reason to build a messaging app, and when it's packed with blockchain technology, you cannot avoid the additional layer of tech security. Let’s discuss it more.

Why do you need to build Decentralized Messaging App?

Let’s start by understanding decentralization.

Under a Decentralized system, data isn't stored in a single location or a point, as the copies of data are distributed to multiple participants. Therefore, there is no single authority to control such information or digital assets. All the rights to use content are divided among users.

A decentralized messaging app is designed to build a more secure and safe user platform. This gives such apps a significant advantage over some standard messaging platforms that eliminate breaches of users' secured data.

Decentralized or Web3 messaging apps are supported by blockchain technology that allows users to chat, conduct calls, and enable safe platforms for buying and selling digital assets. Users can also secure essential data in their web3 crypto wallets for their safe custody.

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Must-Have Web3 Messaging App Development Features

Simple Log-In

The login process of the web3 messaging app is as simple as web2. Just a difference is here that users can log in to web2 apps using social media accounts, email, or phone numbers, whereas DID or, say, crypto wallet access is required to log in on the web3 platform.

Data Security and Encryption

All the data on the platform is secured in blocks of blockchain technology. That leaves no scope for hackers to steal information and process data faster than a web2 server.


The robust chatbots allow users to add emotional cues, search messages, typing indicators, delivery receipts, read receipts, auto-thumbnail generator, provide last seen details, and many more features.

Dark and Light Modes

To quickly switch between brighter and darker screens, keys on the keyboard can help you. Appearance customization can enable your users to spend more time on your platform.

Message Broadcasting

Get the opportunity to send a single message to the number of people you want to send. Just add those contacts to the list, and a one-shot click can solve all your issues and deliver end-to-end encrypted messages to your users.

Push Notifications

Push notifications can keep users alert about what is new on the screen. It helps users to message promptly; besides that, it can also help users to identify others' online statuses, read messages, and more.

Cross-Platform Solution

Creating an app for a single platform could be time and cost-consuming. Also, it can restrict your business growth. In contrast, building a cross-platform migrated from desktop browsers to mobile apps.

Private and Group Chat

Web3 messaging app provides a space for users where they can communicate one-to-one and one-to-many, like a traditional platform, but in a more secure manner. The end-to-end encrypted data leaves no scope for changes.

Voice and Video Calls

Users can enjoy various features such as group calls, call muting, connection status, finding call history, auto-reconnect, and many more. All these help in building effective communication.

AI-Based Content Creation

The use of robust AI enables users to create predictive content with typing. Just select and send. Two options can solve users' purpose and save time.

Income Generation

Web3 messaging apps also have the potential to generate income. By paying a small fraction of the money, they can send bulk messages.

Crypto Wallet

Crypto wallet integration enables safe payment features. We integrate customized crypto wallets and ready-made wallets such as Metamask to store your valuables.

Data & Analytics

Brainstorming data analytics feature enables users to find out important stats such as total call duration, call analytics, peak hours for calls, active users, group info, total users, total members, and more.

Security & Compliance

To keep your platform and data secured, every call and message is tokenized by blockchain technology. The platform also provides call-blocking features.

Technologies that Empower Web3 Messaging Apps

On the journey of developing a web3 messaging app, the next step is to understand what type of technology will be used. Here we have a list of technologies to be used to build a decentralized messaging app.

Blockchain: Blockchain technology is used to remove the centralized concept of platform development. Therefore it is used for;

  • Information Storage
  • Security
  • Building trust
  • Smart contract development
  • Interoperability
  • Cryptos
  • NFTs
  • Self-identity authentication

Technology stack for blockchain-based messaging apps

Front-end development: JavaScript-based framework; React-native, HTML, CSS, Websocket, Web3js

Backend development: Solidity, Rust, Node.js., React Native, DocumentDB, MongoDB., Auth0, Web3js

Artificial Intelligence: AWS sage maker, TensorFlow, Scikit-Learn

Crypto Wallet: Status, Metamask, MyCrypto, Parity

APIs & Languages: e.g. Web3.js, ether.js, oo7.js, Solidity, Rust

Steps To Build Web3 Messaging App

Best Web3 Development gains a massive reputation for building innovative web3 messaging applications. Here’s how we build your bleeding-edge solution.


First, our experts start to understand your business needs and the purpose of developing decentralized messaging applications, then frame a wireframe for platform needs. We work on how our designing and development strategies can help to cope with new-age users' problems.

Market Survey

To understand customers precisely, our marketing and business analyst team conducts market surveys. Here we target the desired audience and understand the features and functionalities they want to see in the platform. Our foolproof plans help us to build a future-ready platform.

Blockchain Determination

Once the things and platform creation are decided, we start working on which blockchain technology will suit your business. As the web3 messaging app requires a high data transfer process, our developers focus on whether Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, or Aptos will suit your business needs.

Prototype & Designing

Now, next in the queue is the designing segment, where we create a layout of your platform in the form of a prototype. If a client gives approval, we proceed with development. Otherwise, our experts make changes as per clients' demands.


Once we complete the designing segment, the next step is to develop a complete platform and ensure each feature must be functioning properly. Our blockchain developers ensure your users can leverage the advantage of each functionality.


The crucial stage after developing and planning to define your solution must be free from bugs, errors, and other glitches. Our QA expert team conducts multi-level testing until we get a 100% efficient solution.

Beta Testing And Launch

Upon multi-level platform testing, beta testing starts. It is also called the second phase of software testing, in which a sampling of the intended audience tries the product out. The testing concentrates on the quality of the product but gathers users' input on the product and ensures that the product is ready for real-time users.

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What is The Cost For Decentralized Messaging App Development?

The cost of developing a Decentralized Messaging App can involve various factors. In other words, these are the deciding factors for your platform and how much you have to pay. Generally, it can range between $76000 to $145000 based on features, functionalities, and others. Let’s discuss factors that balloon your decentralized messaging app cost;

  • The Industry You’re In
  • Project’s Scope and Complexity - whether built from scratch or ready-made solution. Also, it involves Consensus Algorithm, Stack (programming languages), API, and UI/UX.
  • Your Platform Needs and Requirements
  • Cost of Third-Party Tools like Amazon Web Services, Uptime Robot, Amazon SNS, Instabug, and Mixpanel
  • Developer Resources salary that you have to pay
  • Continuous Code Integration
  • Regular Maintenance

More activities that collaboratively add cost to the platform

Design: Creating Blueprint, user interface/experience design including wireframes, high-fidelity designs with a prototype, and low-fidelity designs with app flow.

Development: Coding and Testing

Deployment: Deployment on Cloud Platforms, Delivery, and DevOps

Migration: Moving the existing solution to the Blockchain platform

Maintenance: Maintaining new updates and testing that the app runs smoothly on every OS release

Upgrade: New features, Changes in Smart Contracts

Third-Party Tools: Hosting, Storage, Notification System, Collaboration

Why Best Web3 Development As A Web3 Messaging App Development Company?

Being the Best Web3 Development, we build tailor-made web3 messaging apps that fit your customers and business needs. Experience, skills, and upgraded technologies work under one roof at our place. Want to know more about us? We offer

Inbuilt Web3 Messaging Software

You can integrate messaging software with your current business web3 software solution and develop a secure atmosphere for your users. Our integration services let you enjoy a complete set of the latest tools and platform functionalities for all your needs.

Crypto Wallet Integration

Along with web3 messages, the application also provides revenue-generating options. You can allow users to send bulk messages and get the money in your crypto wallet. We provide customized crypto wallet integration services to our customers.

Web3 Platform Development

We have skillful blockchain developers who build industry-leading web3 platforms. We have already delivered on various web3 platforms, such as web3 gaming, NFT marketplace, and working on metaverse-related technologies.

Craft Payment Gateway

To ensure you can transfer funds securely from one network to another, we craft a blockchain backed payment gateway.

Post Launch Support

We not only provide support at the development stage, but also we offer exceptional post-launch services that help users to cope with changing industry trends and user demand.

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