Web3 Dating App Development: Web3 Tinder Like Dating App Development

By Web3 Solutions

April 13, 2023

"Over 300 million people use dating apps worldwide, with about 20 million paying for premium features", and the "dating app market made $4.94 billion revenue in 2022," the figures for dating apps are surprising everyone. But these define the popularity of dating apps among people of every age. Also, these data define users are spending lavishly for acquiring special features and dating their soul-mate.

Irrespective of their high popularity, these apps face many challenges, in which data security is the prime concern for every user and business. The usage of high-end security protocols is sometimes unable to solve their purpose. Therefore, web3 dating apps backed by blockchain technology help to resolve their purpose.

If you are also planning to build a mobile dating application, then this post is worth reading for you. Here you will read what problems web3 dating apps are able to resolve, benefits, types, key features, monetization model, and more about development. So, keep scrolling to learn all about web3 dating app development.

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Web3 Dating App Development: Solve the Core Dating Problems

Web3 dating apps are designed to solve tradatinal dating apps problems such as fraudulent activities, maximize motivation, and enhance security. Let's discuss these in detail.

Preventing the Fraudulent Activity

Web3 dating app is embedded in blockchain technology which is end-to-end encrypted technology in blocks. The new age technology allows developers to identify fraudulent activities as every piece of information is saved and encrypted on the blockchain. Therefore, Users can share data with other web3 dApps without a scammer's threat.

Maximizing the User Motivation

Web3 platforms quantify each user's behavior based on their contributions. For instance, for better and positive behavior, users will get greater rewards in cryptocurrencies or buy gifting items from the NFT marketplace. Web3 offers great opportunities to swipe, match and earn rewards.

Realizing the Decentralized Dating

Web3 dating apps are designed to provide more security as no computer or server will house user data. Users can form communities of their choice or set up personalized circles of friends and acquaintances. Dating members can earn rewards for getting friends to join the platform and providing more meaningful contributions.

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Key Benefits of Web3 Relationship-Centric App

Build a relation used relationship centring app serves many advantages to users through web3 integration. These involve.

  • In-app Rewards: Users can earn in-app rewards by building more connections, Swapping, matching, and earning are the other well-known ways.
  • Gamified UX: A gamified user experience helps users to level up their experience and enjoy a more powerful gaming environment.
  • Transparency: Build a more trustworthy environment through trusted blockchain technologies such as Ethereum, Solana, Polkadot Aptos blockchain technology, and more.
  • Security: From platform creation to storage, everything is backed by blockchain technology.
  • Referral programs: Reward each friend with tokens to monetize traffic and sharing platform tokens.

Understand Our Various Types of Web3 Dating Apps

Web3 dating apps can be categorized into various categories. Let's check out what we built for you;

Web3 iOS Dating App Development

At Best Web3 Development, we understand your business needs to be on iOS devices. Therefore, we have experienced iOS developers to develop highly scalable and powerful dating apps for iOS users. We craft state-of-the-art applications with the ability to provide maximum user flexibility.

Web3 Android Dating App Development

Just like iOS web3 dating app development, we have skilled blockchain developers to build unique dating apps for our valuable clients. We always offer customized solutions based on market demand and customers' expectations.

Web3 Match-Making Dating App

Our web3 dating app with advanced features helps users to find a perfect match as per users liking, proximity, and compatibility. Users can either enter customer details such as name, age, and other information to meet the demand of the users.

Web3 Community-Based Dating App

Another essential category in the world of web3 dating app development is to form a community of like-minded people based on caste or community. The users can filter the suggestions and find a suitable match.

Web3 Dating App for Couples

We have a team of experts for crafting web3 dating mobile apps, UX/UI Design, Server Development, Testing, And Debugging that helps to boost your platform revenue.

Our More Web3 Dating App Solutions

Here we have listed more web3 dating app solutions developed by our experts. Find out your business needs.

  • Web3 Hookup apps
  • Web3 Speed dating app
  • Web3 Anonymous dating apps
  • Web3 Dating app for artists
  • Web3 Community-Based Dating App
  • Web3 Astrology Dating App
  • Web3 Match-Making Dating App
  • Web3 Matrimonial App
  • Web3 LGBTQ+ Dating Apps
  • Web3 Tinder Clone App Development

If you have other ideas, share your Web3 dating app requirement with our experts. We are ready to transform into reality.

Key Features of Web3 Dating Platform

Our design robust web3 dating app based on blockchain technology packed with the following features;


Allow your users to earn passive income from tokens staking.

Live Streaming

Enable users to interact with each other using live streaming features and share their preferences, liking, dislikes, and more.

Discover Profile

Machine learning and the power of AI connect people in their conversational tones, sense of humor, and other activities.

Nearby me

Users can discover new places, restaurants, tourist places, and people with nearby features.

Multi-Currency & Multi-Language

Craft a web3 platform where users can use third-party currencies such as cryptocurrency and communicate in various languages.

Facial Recognition Matching

Powerful AI-packed web3 dating app features facial recognition matching algorithms that conduct survey-based matching algorithms.

Monetized Gamification

We can introduce gaming functionalities such as titles, icons, stickers, and more that engage the audience for a longer duration.

Highly Customizable

Users can add or remove selected information details. Also, they can customize the background and other details of their choice.

Profile Verification

Blockchain technology enables every profile created on the platform to be genuine, as every piece of information is verified in blocks before allowing them to register.

24*7 Assistance

Enable your users to provide 24*7 Assistance that helps them to deal with any problem at any time on the platform.

Multiple Payment Portal

Web3 dating apps allow cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange to buy gift items from the platform or give special coupons to others. Also, the platform accepts credit cards, debit cards, and other modes of payment.

NFT Marketplace

NFT marketplace integrated into the platform allows users to shop and gift to their partner.

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More Features For Your Web3 Dating App

Web3 dating app features can vary depending on the User panel and Admin Panel. Let's have a look at these;

 User Panel Admin Panel
Easy Login Option
Block Users
Audio & Video Call
Unlimited Matches
Image Share
Share Profiles
Admin Dashboard
Secure Payment Authentication
Manage Review
Manage Complaints
Recent Visitors
Track records
Hide Adverts
Integrate social media platforms
Manage currency
Report analysis
Forecasting details

Web3 Dating App Monetization Model

From a web3 dating app, businesses can drive profits from several ends. These include;


You can generate revenue by viewing third-party advertisements on the platforms. These could be NFT marketplace or decentralized ecommerce stores that offer dual benefits as your users can buy gifts from the same store, and businesses can promote their products.

Membership Users Fee

You can offer fixed membership like other dating apps where users will pay monthly, quarterly, or yearly charges to buy subscriptions. To attract more users, you can offer special discounts or deals for special tenure membership plans.

Paid Features

Your platform can offer exclusive features at some price. These could be getting special notifications, approaching a specific list of users, filter options, and more. The nominal charges for these platforms let you drive more audience.

Offering Dating Tips

When a user goes offline, the platform can ask to fill out surveys and share their experience with dating apps. Highly satisfied customers can pay money as a dating tip to the platform. The voluntary money contribution is working successfully, especially for dating apps.

Special Rewards

Platforms can charge money for successful communication. For instance, a sender can send a message free of charge if the receiver wants to build a connection. They have to pay some money to the platform to read and message back to the sender. Users can also send monetary incentives such as stars to the receiver in exchange for messages.

If you have more revenue-generating plans from web3 dating apps, feel free to consult with our experts.

Tech Stacks Used To Build Web3 Dating Platform

Layer 1 Blockchain Technologies

Web3 dating app development cannot be imagined without blockchain technology. Here we have a list of blockchain technologies to build a web3 solution.

  • Ethereum
  • Solana
  • Polygon
  • Polkadot
  • Aptos
  • Near
  • Celo
  • Fantom

Layer 2 Sidechain

  • Zk Syns
  • Starknet
  • Polygon
  • Arbitrum
  • Optimism

Development Stage

  • Hardhat
  • Truffle
  • Foundary
  • Anchor

File Storage

  • IPFS
  • ArWeave
  • Filecoin
  • Skynet

Indexing And Querying

  • The Graph


  • Chainlink
  • Flask
  • Off-Chain
  • Ceramic
  • Thread DB
  • Gun


  • Wallet Connect
  • Solana Wallet
  • MetaMask
  • Ethereum Wallet


  • Web3j.s
  • Ether.js
  • Anchor

Our Web3 Dating App Development Procedure

As one of the leading web3 dating app development companies, we follow a planned development process that helps to build dynamic applications integrated with a full set of features.

Analysis & Planning

We start the process with an idea and adequate planning. Our dedicated team always analyzes market conditions, users' expectations, and business needs before implanting them into reality.

Blockchain Technology Planning

After analyzing your app, we find out which blockchain technology will suit your business and budget. For faster transactions, you can go with APTOS blockchain technology or Solana, whereas Ethereum is more trusted by users.

UI/UX Design

Our creative and dedicated designers craft interactive and beautiful UI/ UX designs that are attractive and easy to use by your target audience.

App Development

Now it is time to implement your ideas into reality. We aim to make a responsive and easy-to-use web3 android application packed with the above-mentioned features.


After the development process, our dedicated team of developers tests your web3 dating app for any possible bugs and errors before launching it.


We deploy apps from local services to client servers at this stage. We help you to deploy the app on Play Stores.


To keep your users updated with the latest features, we keep you informed of the latest features and functionalities.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Web3 Dating App?

Here we highlight the final web3 dating application development cost breakdown. It is approximate and based on the hourly rate. This web3 app development cost is for Android and iOS platforms. A simple app may take less than 500 hours of work and can be developed between 40000 to 65000 USD. A mid-complexity app takes nearly 900 to 2800 hours to build a web3 mobile app, and the pricing starts at $78,000. The estimated time frame for developing complex mobile applications is 2800+ man hours, and the approx price starts at $98,000.

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Why Choose Us for web3 Dating App Development

We have a talented team with immersive years to develop blockchain technology-backed mobile app solutions for the entertainment sector. Therefore, you can approach us for customized and readymade solutions without compromising on quality.


Our blockchain b2b developers have years of experience in handling and crafting iOS and Android app solutions with feature-rich functionality.

Custom Design

You can enjoy custom designs in any blockchain technology and also customized smart contracts based on audience needs and preferences. We provide you with an intuitive and attractive app that your users will love.

Effective Communication

Once you invest money to build a dating app, our developer keeps you informed at every stage. We build a platform as per your business requirements.

On-Time Delivery

Our team of developers makes the right kind of web3 app development services and delivers you without delay. We ensure you will get the best fit for your business needs.


 Security is a primary concern; therefore, we help you to develop a safer environment for all your user needs where you can pay safely with full privacy settings.

Post Delivery Support

As per mentioned in the contract, you can enjoy post-delivery support from our experts. It enables the best and smooth functionality.