Metaverse Concert Platform Development: The Future Of Musical Realm

By Web3 Solutions

March 23, 2023

Metaverse has virtually taken over every aspect of human lives. From your immersive games to your favorite clothing brand, everything has stepped into the virtual world that we call the metaverse. So, why leave entertainment out of the picture?

While still in its infancy, artists have embraced the idea of performing virtually, and their fans love it. So far, Justin Bieber, Travis Scott, Marshmello, and Ariana Grande have joined the trend and added to this new metaverse concert phenomenon. But this brings us to the main question, how effective is this for business?

Before event companies can think about options for metaverse concert platform development services, it’s important to see what future it holds. Best Web3 Development and the team can help you find the way to lead your business with this advanced technology concept. Best Web3 Development is a leading metaverse development company with multiple successful projects under its belt. We can help you start your virtual journey with the guidance of metaverse experts.

Virtual concerts are in high demand right now, and so far, fans enjoy seeing their favorite people performing while sitting in the comfort of their homes. Discussing in detail, we will tell you what a virtual concert is. For your convenience, we have explained it below. Have a look!

What Is A Virtual Concert?

Virtual concert depicts a performance that usually takes place in the virtual world. Now, the question is how the person is going to perform in real time. The answer for that is the "Digital Avatars” whose whole appearance will be exactly like the artist performing. This is definitely an exhilarating way of viewing their idols on the virtual platform.

There is absolutely no boundation with respect to Metaverse Avatars when talking about the physical aspects. Virtual concerts develop a sense of easiness and a stress-free environment for the performers as well, such as quickly changing the attire for the next set.

However, some aspects of the virtual concerts remain. same. For example, to witness the metaverse virtual concert, people need to buy tickets, and after proper validation, they will be given access to the metaverse concert platform to view the live event.

How Will Metaverse Concert Platform Development Revamp The Music Industry And What Future Does It Hold?

Metaverse has remodeled the music industry by giving it a unique look and benefits that it serves. The below-mentioned list describes how it has transformed the music realm;

  • The metaverse concert platform development services can potentially help you reach a wider audience. It helps cut the cost of traveling to various destinations and avoid spending money on traveling. People can have access to the event from any location. So metaverse concert platforms can cater to the global audience at the same time. This is the biggest advantage that can act in favor of the music industry.
  • The other problem is that the venues do not often have the utmost capacity to fit larger audiences. Metaverse concert platform has solved this inconvenience by allowing people to observe any fabulous event while being in any corner of the world.
  • Earlier, the music industry did not have such power, but with the metaverse, it has acquired an advantage. The format of the concert is chosen as per convenience. There is no such restriction faced during the live performance. As compared to the concert taking place in the real world, the flexibility in the virtual world is of a higher level.

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Metaverse Concert Platform Development - The Future It Exhibits

The future pertaining to the music industry is extremely bright due to the integration of the metaverse technology. Especially from a business point of view, it is a lucrative opportunity. The amount of money generated through virtual concerts is just insane. The ticket prices and the ad sponsorships are a great source of revenue. The concept of global event ticketing has added to this. Moreover, the virtual concerts have elevated the brand value of the celebrities as it gives an open platform to cash in the potential customers via international fame.

Popular Celebrities With Respective Platforms That Hosted Virtual Concerts

A lot of famous personalities worldwide have hosted virtual concerts in recent years. Musicians from all industries have used this opportunity to cater to the needs of their fans by associating with this new technology.

Justin Bieber On Wave

It was way back in 2021 when the Canadian singer Justin Bieber hosted his very first virtual show. This was such a fun show that was in association with the WaiverCam team. It was a mesmerizing event that was conducted for the fans, and he performed his chartbusters like "Lonely" and "Peaches"

Young Thug On Horizon Venues

American singer, rapper, and songwriter "Young Thug" performed on his superhit songs. It was such a lovely event that was attended by several fans globally. In this virtual concert, he brought his pet- a massive digital tarantula that was the highlight of the entire show.

David Guetta On Roblox

In 2021, a French DJ and music producer hosted a 45 min virtual concert that was amazing. There were several entertainment activities like solving digital puzzles, music, and dance battles for the attendees. He had promised to again conduct a virtual concert with French startup Stage 11 that expected appearances from singing superstars like Akon and Snoop Dogg.

Post Malone On Horizon World

American rapper and singer - “Post Malone” has hosted multiple metaverse virtual concerts in the past couple of years. One of the events was to celebrate Pokémon’s 25th anniversary, and the other one was for a "block party" in the metaverse. It was roughly a 40 min concert encompassing "Twelve Carat Toothache" that was graced by the guests like Fleet Foxes, Roddy Ricch, and Kid LAROI.

Ariana Grande On Fortnite

The popstar “Ariana Grande” is also a celebrity who participated in the metaverse concert. It was a spectacular show on Fortnite, hailed by billions of music fans. History was made as the video game entertained as many as 78 million players. This figure in itself is huge, as it had surpassed Travis Scott​ 's 11.7 million views.

Metaverse Concert Platform Development Process

Here is a step-by-step guide that our metaverse developers use to create an immersive metaverse environment.

Research And Analysis

To develop a metaverse concert platform, research is very important. The relevant facts and figures must be collected from the authentic sources. Another significant thing is to have competitor research, how many companies have built the platform, and how much profit they gain. Also, have a look at those who are in the process of developing a similar platform like this. In-depth research is necessary. The collected data needs to be analyzed to understand the customer's mentality, which inadvertently will lead to increased sales and reduced costs, thereby enhancing overall customer targeting.

Hire Metaverse Development Company

The next step is to pick a leading metaverse development company with experience in developing metaverse platforms. Metaverse is an advanced technology that requires better implementation via top metaverse developers. They should have a deep understanding of the metaverse and be pro in executing smart contracts.

Building Smart Contracts And An Immersive Virtual Environment

Decentralization and metaverse are synonymous with each other. They play a pivotal part in building the metaverse 3D spaces for the automatic execution of the operations when certain conditions are fulfilled. There is no requirement for any third party to automate the process, therefore eliminating time loss.

It is understood that the metaverse is solely based on AR and VR. Such a metaverse database should be built that synchronizes with technologies like AI, 3D modeling, brain-computer interface, edge computing, etc. These specifics are the prerequisites for creating an immersive virtual environment.

Metaverse Platform Testing

After developing the required metaverse platform, the job of the testers comes into play. Sequential testing is performed to remove the bugs to enhance the platform's performance. It needs to be ensured that the 3D metaverse platform should be completely error-free to avoid technical glitches and system crashes.

3D Space Deployment

The developed 3D space is tested numerous times before it is ready for server deployment. Here, also multiple screening takes place, and after that, the project is launched.

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Tech-Stacks For Metaverse Concert Platform Development

Internet of Things (IoT)

To perform in a virtual world and gaze at everything from your place is no joke. There is a whole machinery behind all this. The essential thing that develops a connection between the real and the virtual world is the IoT. Artificial intelligence, machine language, and deep learning are combined to build seamless interaction in the 3D environment.

Advanced Mobile Device Processors

The futuristic device processors are used to create a fantastic experience among the users. Augmented reality gives the illusion of a 3D environment by blending all the ultra-modern technologies together. Subsequently, virtual reality helps in viewing all these stupendous events through headgear.

Programming Languages

The prominent one, known as "Solidity," is the building block of any metaverse platform. Apart from this, C#, C++, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python, Rust, etc. All these web3 coding programming languages are lightweight and can potentially display images with dynamic 3D impressions. The syntax used is also uncomplicated, which is one of the reasons why these are used.


Frameworks provide a well-architectured infrastructure that has in-built features, and there is no need to develop the metaverse platform from scratch. Top-notch frameworks like Webaverse, HyperCube, XREngine, JanusWeb, etc., are used. Basically, it provides a structure that underpins the metaverse concert platform development as per the given environment.

How Can Best Web3 Development Help?

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